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Our online customer service and sensitivity training webinars are out-of-this-world, easy to organize, and customized to meet your needs. Our fun, live, trainer-led webinars ensure your team stays engaged with your learning objectives.

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100% Custom

We don't produce cookie-cutter webinars. Before your session, we schedule a call to understand your needs. There are no content surprises! Your webinar content is completely customized at no extra cost!

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Like the personal touch? Our webinars are taught live with a trainer. Live training allows us to pivot when needed and respond to learner questions quickly!

Custom Training Webinar

Group or 1-on-1

Need training for a specific individual or a large group? Maybe both? We have you covered. We have options to fit all team sizes.

Beautifully modern!

Stay light-years ahead with award-winning training from Oculus. Webinars are not only stunning but also device friendly! Your training can be accessed anywhere!

No more excuses!

(Sorry, road warriors and doctor’s appointments! You can attend too!)

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Oculus Custom Webinars



It’s your mission! A one-sized solution doesn’t fit all!  Worried that our training won’t work for your team? Your industry, team dynamics, standards, and needs are unique. Boxed training can help with compliance but often cannot address specific areas of need or help overcome learner resistance. We custom-make our content to ensure it will fit! That’s our guarantee!

Start by choosing a learning theme.

LGBT Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity & Communications

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Leadership & Coaching

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Customer Service Training

Customer Service, Hotel & Reservations

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You are always in the captain’s seat!  Our webinars include a syllabus outline you approve before the training day. You’ll know exactly what’s being taught to your team.

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Now the fun begins for us at mission control! We design and customize a presentation with the options you have chosen.

Interactive. Put your thinking caps on! Learners will be inspired to stay engaged throughout the webinar session.


Live Broadcast

Stream your broadcast to a group watching from a meeting room, or have your team access the training from their devices.

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Remote Login

Remote team members can join the presentation from around the globe.​

Non-Profit Training


Your training expert will focus on eliminating areas of resistance and providing relatable, thought-provoking examples!

Reservations Training

Scenario Discussion

Discuss real-world scenarios to help implement content.

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Games & Activities

We include interactive activities and games to make learning fun.

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To encourage participation and discussion, we include prizes.



You are always in the captain’s seat!  Our webinars include a syllabus outline you approve before the training day. You’ll know exactly what’s being taught to your team. We have three engaging delivery options for your webinars, depending on your needs.

INteractive ("Zoom -Style")




View Presentation.
Your team members will see our beautifully designed slides.
Streaming Videos.
As close to in-person as we can get! All learners and the trainer will share video and audio.
Practice makes perfect! In this type of webinar, we can include role-play exercises.
Breakout Rooms
Need to work in smaller groups? We have the option to send your team into breakout groups.
View Presentation & Trainer

Learners can view the presentation and see the trainer.

Learner Chat

Learners can voice questions or ask confidentially within the chat window.

Streaming Videos

In an Interactive webinar, everyone shares their camera for personal contact!


Practice makes perfect! Role-playing with a trainer can bring content to life.

Breakout Rooms

In meetings 90 minutes or more, we can include breakout rooms for small group interaction.

Trainer Chat

Raise your hand to connect with an expert. Have a question for your trainer? Learners can ask anything during a webinar.

Speak Up!

Your team members are encouraged to engage with the trainer within the group setting so everyone can hear, comment and question!

Stay Private!

Only some people are comfortable speaking in front of a group. Our system permits private chat for those who prefer to interact with the trainer privately.

A mix of both works well!
Webinar Trainer Chat
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Sit back and listen in!
Coaching Calls



Advanced learning. Provide specific team members with a confidential, one-on-one learning experience. Learners can open up about their resistance, have uncomfortable conversations, and learn at their own pace. This advanced training allows for deeper, more meaningful dialogue to help facilitate change.

Create change over time! Providing one-time webinar training won’t always facilitate change. Drip training is a great way to reinforce learning over time. Our custom sensitivity, communications, and leadership training series help new concepts stick.

Webinar at Oculus Training


Save money! Our unbundled service options mean you only pay for what you will use!

Record Your Training

Training that lasts. Scheduling all of your team members for a single webinar can be difficult. What about future new hires? With our recorded options, no one has to miss a thing!


Six-Week Access

Record your live webinar broadcast for playback for up to six weeks.

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Twelve Month Access


We animate and pre-record the instructional and non-interactive components of your training.  Turn your one-time event into a year-long training resource!

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Reinforcement Schedule 2022

Flex Schedule

Go with the learning flow. A 60-minute webinar is excellent, but covering all planned content with learner questions, role-play, and discussion can be challenging. Go with the flow of the discussion. Our flex schedule maximizes your training investment by allowing you to pre-authorize additional time if a webinar goes longer than expected! Best of all, we bill only for the extra minutes used.

This is strongly recommended for sensitivity & one-on-one webinars.

Online Custom Quizzing

Quizzes & Certificates

Need to test learning comprehension? We can include multiple-choice or scenario-based quizzing. Plus, webinar certificates can be awarded for performance or even just attendance.

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Need something hands-on for your team to take away? Add one or more custom resources from desktop tools to virtual checklists. We have it all!



Greater impact!  Include support options to turn your webinar into an adventure!


Make it a series!

Explore further. Developing new habits take time. A series help reinforce your content, slowly introduce new ideas, and consistently conveys that training is integral to your team's development process!


One-on-one coaching calls. Enhance your webinars by including personal coaching. Schedule one-on-one virtual meetings with an expert trainer to review material, role-play, or respond to learner questions.

Mystery Audits

Evaluate and coach change. Add mystery calls to any sales or service training. Provide your team members performance feedback, a recording, and coaching tips to make change easy!


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plus $12.00 / per learner


Change made easy with an Oculus custom training! Schedule a meeting with a trainer to get started!

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