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Everything you need to know about Oculus!

Limit Inappropriate Conversation At Work

9 Master Tips: Limit Inappropriate Conversation At Work “Hey, who are you voting for?” “Are you on Tinder?” “God bless you!” “Christians are crazy.” “Your kids would behave better if…

I have always found their service levels superior!

The customized training covers everything from capturing reservations, dealing with guest concerns to sensitivity. The live training was something that my staff in various hotels always looked forward to. Not…

The strategic relationship really paid off for us!

We have seen Oculus grow and evolve over the years and expand their offerings. The strategic relationship really paid off for us in better-trained staff, higher guest satisfaction, employee retention…

Gracias from the border city!

Our Oculus training is always fun, engaging and very effective. Our whole team enjoys the training sessions and as soon as our trainer, Kevin James leaves - we can’t wait…

What are call credits?

Need to change your mystery shopping call type or scenario? You can! It's free! Learn more about call credits.

Person Up!

We know that change can be hard but it's a part of life! Let's "Person Up" and embrace change.

I don’t know? No way!

You should never say "I don't know" within a service environment. Let's think about what we can do, and not what we can't!

Team Love Languages

When speaking with your team, you have to understand how they communication. Let's learn about team love languages!

On treating flea bites with perfect phrasing.

Sometimes the little things we say (or don't say) make a big impression. Make sure it's the right one!

How flex hours work?

Want to trade your live training hours for coaching, or a webinar? Flex hours allow you to trade your banked hours for anything you might need.

Office Trolls: How to coach employees

Do you make people feel like a troll when they interact with you? Let's talk about respectful communication!

Gossip: Am I at Work or in High School?

Tired of dealing with mean people at work? Just like the movie "Mean Girls," we have some tips for you to succeed!