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Train. Re-train. Repeat!

Give your spa and salon training an updo to stand out.

Trying to get others to relax can be a tough job when you have your own business to worry about. The Oculus training program for salons and spas can help you generate additional business and revenue through superior customer service so that you can relax and enjoy what the day brings!

Customers have many options to choose from when they are looking for spa or salon service. When a customer decides to visit your location, it is important that your staff is trained to turn every visit into a recurrence. The Oculus IMPRESS™ the GUEST spa and salon training can help you generate more business through increased appointment conversions and leave lasting customer impressions to gain customer loyalty.


Live & Custom


+ 14.00$ / per learner

  • 100% Custom
  • Live & Trainer-Led
  • Syllabus Approval
  • Flexible Scheduling

Seeing is believing.

Check out this short sample of our spa and salon training.

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There are so many topics we can include in our custom spa and salon training. Here are a few to think about.

In these modules, we will review the check-in and check-out procedures for your customers. Ensure you start and finish their service experience with a bang, not just bangs!

When your customers call to make an appointment, we need to ensure that our words, tone, and knowledge reflect the service we will provide in person. We will show your team how to create a relaxing service environment over the telephone.

Don’t connect with your customers after their service? You are losing out. How do you know if they are satisfied? To maintain loyalty and satisfaction and keep your spa or salon top of mind, you must include a follow-up plan. We will show you tips to follow up and maintain loyalty with your customers.

Just because someone is calling your location with a question, doesn’t mean that is not the time to make a sale. In the module, we will show you how to take information calls to sales!

All of your team members need to know how to connect with callers and customers. Our personal connection training will help all teams to bridge the gap and find ways to connect with customers.

Providing service more than just your technical skills. If your customer doesn’t connect with your team members, they might avoid coming back. Our Service In The Chair modules will help your service make your expertise.

  • Upselling 101. How do you present and sell associated products and services before customer departure?
  • Complaint Management
  • Respect for All –  Sensitivity Training!
100% Designed for you!

Custom Made

We know that your services, spa, and/or salon is special! You are unique and offer something that your competitors do not. We get it! That is why all of our salon and spa training programs are customized to meet your needs. Bad training is like a bad haircut! Everyone walks away disappointed. Make your training fit for you!

Custom Training

Deliver your Salon and Spa Training the way it works for you!

Web, in-person, recorded, hybrid, Bootcamp, or all of the above? Choose the training delivery option that fits your team and goals.


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Spa and Salon Training