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Mystery Shop Audits

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Mystery Shop Audits

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Mystery shop audits are great tools to evaluate how well your sales and service standards are executed over the telephone and online. In addition to the evaluation, Oculus custom mystery shop audits will provide the coaching support to ensure your team delivers top-notch service and that they are maximizing every revenue-generating opportunity.

One mystery shopping credit can be used for telephone mystery shop audits, or virtual mystery shop audits. Here is how our audits works:

  1. You pick the criteria and scenarios you would like to include within your mystery shop audits. You can focus on sales, upselling, service, attitude, or more. The options are limitless.
  2. We develop scenarios and a scoring guideline. The guidelines will be sent to your team for approval.
  3. With your input, a randomized auditing schedule is generated with mixed dates and times.
  4. An expert auditor calls or contacts your team online with one of the pre-approved scenarios. The experience is recorded.
  5. The recordings are sent to our scoring department for review. 
  6. A report is crafted with the results and hand-crafted tips to help your team learn and improve.
  7. An email notification is sent with a PDF and audio recording to your location.
  8. Results are presented in an encouraging style to focus on making positive changes. 

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Call Credit

One mystery shop = one call credit. Coach- 1 call credit. Here's what's Included:
– An overall grade.
– A rating for tone.
– A checklist of skills performed.
– Hand-crafted training tips.
– A recap of the aptitudes required.
– Calls times of between 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM

Target Mystery Shop Audits

Trade for 1.5 call credits
Target specific team members during specific times from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM including three call attempts.

Compare with Competition

Trade for 2 call credits
We call your competition to compare the results with your location.

60 Call Minimum

To start, there is a 60 call minimum.

Pricing & Options

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