E-learning Videos

E-learning Videos

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E-learning Videos


Custom e-learning videos can assist you in delivering consistent training to your team. At Oculus, we specialize in creating affordable, 100% custom e-learning videos with high-production, TV-quality! Our mission is to make learning enjoyable by creating easy-to-digest, fun, and engaging training content.

Our customer service or sensitivity videos are completely custom-designed! Unlike boxed content, custom videos mean that learners get precisely the message they need, and the learning scope matches your goals.


  • Discovery Call: We schedule a call to understand your goals for the e-learning videos.
  • Custom Script: Our writing team will craft a custom script.
  • Script Approval & Changes: We send the script to your team for approval. One round of changes is included.
  • Inclusive: Add gender-neutral language for free.


  • Green Screen: We film sections of your e-learning videos using a green screen to ensure we can place your host anywhere in the word.
  • Live Host: No boring PowerPoints. A professional trainer will host your video.
  • Pre-Set Schedule: Your filming will be added to a group pre-set filming schedule.

Animation & Effects

  • We include timeless animations to ensure your e-learning videos stand the test of time.
  • Our animators create animated examples with characters that speak to your learners.
  • We add special effects, sound effects, music, charts, laugh tracks, and can even include subtitles!

5-year License

  • All of our videos come with a 5-year license for your organization but you can upgrade to 10, or even lifetime access.

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