Coaching Calls

Coaching Calls

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Coaching Calls

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Consistently coaching your team on your training goals can be a challenging task! Why not leave it to the experts? Provide on-the-spot one-on-one training to your team. An expert coach will practice pre-selected sales and service skills with your team members, provide coaching suggestions, and respond to questions.

Here is how the coaching calls will work:

  • Your team members schedule their coaching calls online.
  • Calls are one-on-one with an expert trainer.
  • We want to encourage openness, so these calls are not recorded.
  • Your coach will discuss and practice training objectives. It could be a role-play or a discussion of a scenario. 
  • The learner will have an opportunity to ask questions or talk about any scenarios they might be struggling with.
  • When we finish the call, we send an email confirmation to management.

Want to take your coaching calls to the next level? Instead of phone calls, we can upgrade your service to video chat! Seeing can sometimes be believing! 


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