Sexual Harassment Training

Harassment of a sexual nature is shocking! Sexual harassment training sends a clear zero tolerance message!

Feeling safe, secure, and respected at work should not be conditional. Unfortunately, bad behavior is often ignored and tolerated in many workplaces or with particular coworkers. Preventing harassment is key, and offering relevant training can help prevent issues from getting out of hand and turning into dangerous situations.

With Oculus’ customized sexual harassment training, you can ensure a respectful and legally compliant workplace. While training compliance is excellent, its application is crucial. Most training providers teach general definitions of sexual harassment and what is considered inappropriate. We focus on facilitating more impactful discussions. Our sessions offer a hands-on approach that enables learners to recognize what harassment looks, sounds, and feels like, encouraging them to self-reflect.

Why Oculus?
We don’t sugarcoat this important material. We believe in being straightforward and honest regarding this critical topic. 

Our sexual harassment training is designed to be practical and effective, using relevant vocabulary, examples, and scenarios that may sometimes be uncomfortable or even offensive. Our goal is to provide a clear understanding of what constitutes sexual harassment by discussing real-world situations and setting clear expectations.


60 Minutes


+ 12.00$ / per learner



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100% custom designed for you!

Oculus' custom sexual harassment training is the most effective choice!
Ensure your employees are fully equipped to prevent and address sexual harassment. Unlike pre-formatted mass e-learning, our custom training is tailored to your needs, incorporating your unique policies, procedures, local laws, and culture. Make your training make sense with engaging and relevant made-to-measure content.

Our sexual harassment training, like all our courses, is fully customized to meet your organization’s needs. Organize a proactive group training or a 1-on-1. We customize every aspect of our training to ensure it will facilitate change. Schedule a discovery call to get started!


After selecting your delivery method, we will schedule discovery calls to discuss your requirements.


We present you with a program syllabus. You approve or request changes.


Once approved, we build your custom program.