Bystander Intervention Training Workplace

Give your team members the refined tools to speak up for others, be confident, and set boundaries when they see insensitivity in your workplace.


You might have wishful thinking to regard your workplace as a sanctuary from insensitivity in the real world. Still, insensitivity happens even with training, a message of respect, and a team of people encouraging positive actions. What will you do when you witness insensitivity? To maintain an inspiring and respectful environment, it does mean you will have to act.

Why Oculus?
Although many compliance-based training companies can provide a summary of local laws, they often lack a relatable approach. In our Bystander Intervention Training Workplace Edition session, we will review the steps each team member can take to keep your workplace ideal for everyone.

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American Psychological Association


60 Minutes


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Bystander Intervention Training Workplace Edition


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Kevin James Saunders is a senior trainer with 20+ years of experience and has conducted thousands of sessions.