Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity Training
Be a better human by being open to change!

Who says that sensitivity training has to be dull and corny?

Being open does not always come as second nature to everyone. It is crucial in today’s diverse world that we learn how to interact appropriately and respectfully. Oculus sensitivity training can help your team with the right words, actions, attitudes, and even thinking!

Our sensitivity training is always 100% customized for your needs, plus we infuse the training with activities, stories, and fun scenarios. The content will be compliant with local laws; however, we focus more on changing learner behaviours. Our sensitivity training programs will cover appropriate communication skills, ways of thinking, accepted behaviours, and actions.



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Your team will walk out the door with a new perspective on respect and dignity for all.

An advanced understanding on how values, beliefs and identity can differ from one person to another and how it is important to not force your ideals onto someone else.
Think Global
Sometimes, our personal or community thinking do not allow us to be successful within a global environment. We will show you how to think globally.
The Do Nots
There are just some things you shouldn't do or say to be respectful. Our sensitivity training will help your team understand the basics of inclusive communication.
Confidence & Change
We speak on both compliance and behavior, but our focus is on changing behaviors and ways of thinking. Your HR department can easily go through the “rules”, but changing actions is a whole other matter.

Seeing is believing.

Check out a sample of our training by watching this short sensitivity video on gossip!

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There are many topics we can include within our sensitivity training. Here are a few of our most requested.

Our people-first language choices, our actions and body language send a message of respect. We will review how to interact respectfully and foster a comfortable environment for people with disabilities.

We know that communication breakdowns happen. It is important to understand how to think about and craft a genuine, appropriate apology.

Bullies don’t only exist in the playground; they can be found in the workplace as well. We will show you how to deal with a workplace bully by setting clear boundaries, and what to do if your boundaries have been crossed. If you are a bully, we will discuss which actions, words, and behaviours are not acceptable, and what steps you must take to change.

Being able to communicate with people appropriately on a day-to-day basis does not come naturally to everyone. Provide your team with advanced communication skills and a greater understanding of people and culture.

Some of our actions and ways of thinking might be more community-based. When working in a diverse environment, it is vital to think universally to be inclusive to all!

Surprise! Not everyone thinks, acts or communicates the way that you do! Learn to treat others as they wish to be treated and step outside your community box. Just because someone is different doesn’t make them the enemy! Embrace differences and act to include others.

The ability to connect with others will dramatically improve your workplace environment. We will explore how to connect and empathize through shared experiences to create a positive and fun-filled workplace.

Let’s face it; the only person listening to your excuses is you! In the workplace, we should be accountable for our actions. We need to eradicate all of our excuses. We will talk about the “but..”, “When I was…” etc. that we use to defend our bad behaviors.

“Hey, guys!” “He” and “She” might not always be the most respectful way to engage others. Learn when, where and how to use a pronoun! Keep your language respectful.

The workplace is full of team members from all stages of life. Here, we will look at the general concepts around interacting with and respecting all generations.

Gossip might seem harmless but can create a toxic work environment and negatively impact the victim of the rumor and the person/people spreading the stories. This module will discuss how talking about or commenting on someone’s personal or professional life can create a hostile work environment and might even be considered bullying.

The sexual orientation or identity of others should not determine the way in which you interact with them. In this session, we will discuss stigmas and stereotypes associated with the LGBTQIA2S+ community and provide examples of how to house a supportive and inclusive work environment.

More On Respectful LGBTQIA2S+ Training >

Not everyone wants to be treated the way that you do! For this reason, we have to adapt our behaviours! In this module, we will review why the Golden Rule is inadequate.

There are many types of privilege. It happens! Much has to do with your luck at birth. Understanding the perspective of others and honouring history and/or reality can help us better connect.

No one likes to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. We will review how to set boundaries with coworkers, how to recognize if you are a victim of sexual harassment, and what to do to ensure your security. We will also review the definition of harassment and which thoughts, words and actions are inappropriate.

If you are holding onto a stereotype, you could be missing out on a tremendous human-to-human experience. Learn how to acknowledge and let go of the stereotypes you have.

It’s not just about what you say, but how you say it. Is your tone, or the sounds you make, sending a disrespectful message to others? This module will review all the tone, attitude, and sound micro-aggressions.

We all have deep-seated biases that influence our interactions with others! In this discussion, we talk about recognizing your unconscious biases and educating ourselves.

You have to be accountable for what you say! The “I’m a direct and honest person” excuse won’t matter if you have offended and hurt someone. Maintaining a harmonious work environment is essential. This sensitivity training module will talk about the danger zone topics that you should avoid at work!

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Sensitivity is a vast topic! We won't be able to cover all areas of sensitivity in one training session! Don't worry! Our discovery and custom design process will allow you to focus on the areas of most concern. Easy, right?
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Listen to racialized and marginalized voices.

We embrace diversity in our hiring practices; however, one trainer cannot represent all marginalized groups. That’s where Oculus Voices are an excellent addition to your training! Learn from listening to someone’s life experience.

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Sensitivity Training

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