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Common-sense, relatable, and practical sensitivity training. 

Being open does not always come as second nature to everyone. In today’s diverse world, we must learn how to interact appropriately and respectfully. Oculus sensitivity training programs will teach appropriate communication skills, language, attitudes, behaviors, and encourage self-reflection.

Why is sensitivity training important?
Training can increase awareness of biases and discrimination, ensure legal compliance, and improve communication and conflict resolution skills. Fostering understanding and empathy for diverse perspectives can significantly impact the team dynamics in promoting a more thoughtful community of professionals.

Why Oculus?
Although many compliance-based training companies can provide a summary of local laws, they often lack a relatable approach. Our programs ensure compliance; however, we also focus on changing behaviors and respectful engagement at work.

Our programs are always 100% customized for your needs, plus we infuse the training with activities, stories, and fun scenarios. We deliver examples, scenarios, and content that your team can connect with. These include relatable scenarios, common-sense application of the law, and the ability to address their questions or resistance!


60 Minutes


+$12 per learner

Upgrade to in-person from $3888


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100% custom designed for you!

What is the best online sensitivity training platform?
Can you train jone person or a group? Is content customized? Can learners ask questions? Can you makes changes in the future? At Oculus, we do not create generic videos for the masses. Instead, we craft personalized content tailored to your specific needs and requirements. This approach makes the training more meaningful and effective for your company.

Experience the difference by unlocking the full potential of  tailored training! Our custom sensitivity training courses can produce better results than a one-size-fits-all approach.


After selecting your delivery method, we will schedule discovery calls to discuss your requirements.


We present you with a program syllabus. You approve or request changes.


Once approved, we build your custom program.

What is an example of sensitivity training? Watch this short video clip below:

Play Video about Sensitivity Training Video Sample