Retail Training

Retail Training
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Have a retail training strategy that helps customers buy rather than browse.

People want to buy stuff, but only from companies that are nice to them! It’s crucial to not only focus on selling but also on how to sell in a friendly and personal way. At Oculus, we combined our customer service knowledge and tested sales strategies to deliver a retail training program with results. If you are looking to get an edge on your competition, this training program is designed specifically for you! We customize it to ensure it is!



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Create a winning sales and service team by ensuring they have the winning skills! 

Personal Connection
When you engage others, how do you establish a genuine conversation to build trust with your shopper? In this module, we will review how!
First Impressions
When a customer walks into your location, what impression do they get? This foundation module will review the basics of customer service, including body language, smiling, eye contact, tone, greeting, and a genuine attitude.
Personalized Shopping Experience
If you ask the right questions and listen, you will provide your shoppers with the most appropriate recommendations. In this module, we will teach your team members how to qualify!
Upselling 101
When someone comes into your shop, ensure they see all of the options available to meet their needs. Learn how to address their wants, wishes and needs to sell more.
Make A Great “Last Impression”
The start is essential, but so is the end. This module will review some tips to ensure your shoppers leave with a positive impression, sowing the seeds to loyalty.
Service Within A Pandemic
In a post-pandemic world, maintaining health and safety guidelines are important! This module will showcase how to adjust service standards to ensure we respect and provide a safe space for our shoppers

Great! We love brand standards and can incorporate them into our retail training program. During our discovery period, we will review any standards or branding that need to be incorporated into the core of your training. We do this for free, so there is nothing to worry about. The training will be a perfect fit!

Yes! We can schedule your retail training day at your store location after hours or even take it offsite. The choice is yours. We can work around what would be best for you and your team.

Yes! A secret shopper can visit or call your store. You can include sales and customer service mystery shopping in your training program. 

You can read more about mystery shopping options here >

That’s simple! Should you choose one of our virtual training options, you can bring a laptop or tablet into the store, or your learners can use their personal devices. Our retail training is device friendly.

100% Designed

Custom Made

All store locations are different, and that is why all of our retail training programs are customized to fit with your shopping experience. The icing on top is that it’s free!
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Retail Training

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