Confirming A Reservation Training

Confirming A Reservation Training
Confirming a reservation training that keeps your standards 5-star!

How you handle a confirmation is just as important as making the sale.

You have used the Oculus IMPRESS reservation technique to increase your sales and increase your likelihood of getting a YES from your caller, but what do you do when they say yes?

We don’t stop now. We have to keep our standards 5-star to impress our new guests! We should not let our superior customer service float away just because we have hooked a new customer. In this situation, the Oculus “Confirming a Reservation’ training springs into action to help deliver the standards your caller has come to expect.

In our confirming a reservation training module, we will review the importance of maintaining high service levels and providing the correct details to ensure that a stay starts off right. Since your callers will have received all of the necessary information to plan, we can guarantee it does.

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In our confirming a reservation module you will learn to wow your callers!

Intro & Invite
We will start the confirmation module by reviewing why having the correct information is essential. Making a reservation that is accurate, covers all of the policies and gives the exact details will ensure that a guest’s stay starts off right.
Collecting Information
We will review how to ask for the pertinent contact details from all guests staying in your hotel, loyalty acknowledgment and promotion, add extra guest names, collect a payment method, and inform your caller of any other charges.
It is vital that guests are aware of your policies before they show up at your front desk. We will review how to indicate all stay policies and how to overcome resistance when being challenged over the telephone.
Confirmation Details
We will review the final confirmation details we should provide to callers. The module includes details regarding sending a support email or verbal confirmation. Finally, we need to ensure to maintain a high level of service, respond to any questions, and show gratitude.

Is confirming a reservation available online?

Yes! This training module is available on and offline. Our clients can schedule a custom webinar, or they can watch a pre-recorded course through our learning management system. Maybe even both!

Contact us for more information about pre-recorded learning >

How long is the webinar option?

Confirming a reservation training takes about one hour to cover in a group webinar. If you would like to add additional role-play time, coaching calls, or follow-up training, please get in touch with us for a custom quote.

Can we incorporate our brand standards?

Yes! Incorporating your standards is key to success! Our discovery process allows you to customize any of the training content to suit your needs. Best of all, it's included in our pricing!

100% Designed

Custom Made

Have specific standards regarding how your hotel confirms reservations? That is easy! We can customized your confirming a reservation training  to make it work with your brand or local standards! Oh, and that is all free of charge!
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Confirming A Reservation Training

Time is ticking! What's holding you back? Let's get started with your confirming a reservation training!

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