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Are you providing a drive-through reservations experience?

Provide reservations training that turns your agents into sales superstars!

Fierce competition exists, so your reservation agents need savvy skills to convert callers into paying guests. An Oculus reservations training program can help take your reservations team off “repeat” and give them the personality and proactive thinking skills needed to provide elevated service, ultimately increasing your revenue.

Through research, proven techniques, and your specific goals, our customized reservations training will teach your team the skills they need to outshine the competition. Our IMPRESS The Guest foundation program will examine how to sell correctly, upsell, overcome buyer resistance, acknowledge guest loyalty, and provide a personalized service experience over the phone and online. Make your hotel the only place that a guest wants to call!


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Your team will walk out of the training room with advanced selling and service skills!


Qualifying The Sale

To sell, it is essential to qualify your reservation calls. Our reservations training will show your team members the importance of understanding a caller’s needs and wants.


Personal Connection

You can be all biz on a call but does that showcase the type of service experience your caller will come to expect? We will teach the foundations of making a personal connection while taking a reservation.



Our reservations training helps your business make more money! Your team will learn how to upsell, present options in a compelling way, and how to personalize options.


Overcoming Resistance

Not every call is going to be an automatic yes! Our reservations training will review how to overcome resistance and provide your callers with “something else to consider” before hanging up.

Seeing is believing.

Check out this short sample of our reservations training.

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There are many areas we can include within our custom reservations training. Here are some of the most popular topics.

In a 5-star environment, reservation calls need to show a level of refinement and a personal touch. Our IMPRESS 5-Star Reservations training can show your agents how to WOW from the first second.

We will review how to start interactions to ensure that your first impression leads with the right foot.

Callers aren’t always calling to make reservations. Sometimes they have to cancel. Is there a way to save some of these calls without being the cheesy salesperson? YES! Learn more in this module. 

The caller said yes and wants to make a booking! Learn what you do now to ensure the rest of the sales process stands out.

Read more about the confirming a reservation course >

When a call doesn’t work out for your location, why make them do all the dirty work? Use your IMPRESS sales skills and sell your sister location. Keep that cash in the family.

It is essential to know when and how to discount when your caller has price resistance. Learn how to negotiate rates and packages depending on availability and need.

If you have a complaint, then you have to take action. Providing the most appropriate, flexible and cost-conscious solution to your customer is key to turning things around.

The ability to connect with others will dramatically improve sales opportunities. If you can relate, recommend, or share an experience, you will begin building loyalty. We will review how to connect with customers to develop long-term relationships

Want to know how your caller heard about your hotel, package, or promotional rate? It’s a simple step but crucial! In this mini-module reservations training, we can review the importance of gauging if your marketing efforts are working.

Use qualifying techniques to establish customer needs. Learners will discover how to ask the right questions to uncover more about the customer’s wants, complaints, budget, etc.

Give your team the proper, positive language to help encourage acceptance of your minimum lengths of stay.

You won’t always get a yes from your sales efforts, but you can pull out a few tricks to make your caller think twice (without being pushy)!

Sales are not just about reviewing product features! Zzzzz! No one wants a service robot! Learn the art of making a personal connection to connect and draw callers in

Create descriptions that pop! We will review how to personalize values and benefits so customers see your services as something they can’t live without!

Are you giving away revenue with your commissions? This course helps you build a book direct program to entice even the most loyal OTA caller!

Read more about the recapturing OTA reservations course >

Loyalty IMPRESS will review the fundamentals of explaining your rewards program and finding opportunities to show gratitude to our most loyal guests.

Telling people about your room types is excellent, but they have to pop to stand out from the competition (not to mention when upselling). This reservations training mini-module will review how to personalize room descriptions based on your caller’s needs and craft descriptions that get potential guests excited!

Reduce your call wait times to better ensure your caller books before hanging up and calling the next location.

If you want someone to buy, you need to ask for the business! This section will understand why this simple step is essential and some tricks to include in your ask.

Learn to appropriately acknowledge guest emotions and relate to help you achieve and improve satisfaction.

Don’t put the competition down since that’s tacky! There are ways that we can showcase why we are the best option!

People are now using online chat and email to make reservations. Teach your team how to sell using your online technologies instead of just being a drive-through window for reservations.

Customer interactions go to the left when there is no follow up. This section will review how to schedule follow up and close conversations the right way!

Asking for and using a guest name appropriately is a foundation of any service experience. Don’t let this slip over the telephone.

Actions and attitudes speak louder than words! Teams must look within how they come across to guests. This course provides some tips!

Who wants the basics? Well, most people will if you don’t sell your upgraded options properly. Learn to make an upgrade a “no-brainer!”

100% Designed for you!

Custom Made

Our Dodo design ensures that the language within your reservations training resonates with your learners, and they won’t be bored with a lot of academic-talk!! Our discovery and custom design process will allow you to focus on the areas of most concern and is included.

Custom Training

Deliver your Reservations Training the way it works for you!

Web, in-person, recorded, hybrid, Bootcamp, or all of the above? Choose the training delivery option that fits your team and goals.


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Reservations Training

Those reservations aren't going to make themselves! Let's get to selling!