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6 Week Simple Start Series

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6 Week Simple Start Series

From: $1,768.00

In an Oculus one-on-one sensitivity training BOOTCAMP series, your expert trainer will customize a training evolution plan to provide your team member the tools and opportunity to reflect on their ways of thinking, actions, communication and biases. Learning takes time and and consistent effort. Our BOOTCAMP series helps reinforce ideas over time, increasing the possibilities of success.

Our six week intensive program helps deliver change to your team member. In this custom one-on-one Bootcamp training package we have included:

  • 3 x discovery calls.
    Planning calls with management or human resources.
  • 3 x syllabus design and approval.
    We sent you the training plan to approve.
  • 3 x one-on-one trainer-led webinars
    One-on-one interactive webinars made for your learner.

Pricing & Options

Discovery Call - 40 Minutes × 3

Sensitivity Training (Webinar) × 3

Sensitivity training webinars are a great way to train your team quickly. They can be focused on one person or presented to a group. They are 100% fully custom. We focus on the content like diversity, inclusion, sexual harassment, respectful communication and more!

Learners with Attendee Certificate


Post-Training Report: ChangeRank

Need a written summary report outlining what happened within your custom Oculus training? Add the ChangeRank report to receive summary feedback from your trainer.

$48.00 each

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