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Do you think online sensitivity training isn’t a good fit for your team? Maybe we can help you reconsider!

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Wondering what type of online sensitivity training you can schedule?

Diversity & Inclusion


Understanding Bias

Sexual Harassment


Respectful Engagement


Privilege & Power


There are so many topics we can cover. Take a look at the full list below.

10 reasons why online sensitivity training is a great option for your team.


Ease of Scheduling.

Sometimes you need training fast! A sensitivity webinar can be customized and scheduled as quickly as three business days.


Cost Savings

In-person training is terrific but costs more per session. Online sensitivity training is a cost-effective way to provide employees with the same engaging training while avoiding those pesky travel fees.



Online sensitivity training is accessible to all employees, regardless of location. No need to worry about where your remote staff might be working from (let them stay at the beach!)


100% Custom

All of our online sensitivity training courses are custom-made. Our trainers customize the content, materials, and activities to focus on the specific needs of your audience, making the learning process more efficient and effective (and, dare we say, fun?)! Concentrating on what matters is typically more engaging as it allows for more meaningful interaction and collaboration between the trainer and the participants.


Make It Reusable

Are you worried that your team members won’t be able to make a webinar? What about new hires? No problem! A trainer-led webinar can be recorded, or you can upgrade and automate your training to a full e-learning production.


Scalability: One-on-one or Group

Online training can be crafted for in-depth one-on-one coaching sessions or delivered to hundreds in a webinar-style session. The choice is yours.


Comfort and Confidence

Sensitivity can be an uncomfortable and intimidating topic for some people. No one wants to feel judged in training with their co-workers for saying the “wrong” thing. Your learners may feel more comfortable expressing themselves or asking questions in a protected, confidential environment that online sensitivity training can provide. Our private polls and questioning features allow your team members to ask difficult questions without fear of retaliation.


Increased Engagement

Your trainer can encourage and gauge engagement levels during an online sensitivity training session by asking questions, using polls, and monitoring chat logs throughout the session. At the end of the workshop, reports can be generated to follow up with those you did not fully participate.


Drip Training

Sensitivity can be a vast topic, and one session can overwhelm learners. Less is more in the training world. Online training allows you to break down the material over weeks or months to allow for critical thinking and integration into daily life.



Online sensitivity training can be entertaining! We have games, funny examples, and even prizes to keep your team connected to the material.

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Change made easy with an Oculus custom online sensitivity training!

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