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A single session is excellent but ongoing training, and consistent coaching can really kick butt! Train with a purpose with Oculus Bootcamp.



Does your training fit with how people learn? Ongoing training allows your training content to be slowly introduced to your team members over time to allow for more natural learning and increased comprehension. 

Ongoing Training Bootcamp

Ready, set, Customize!

Our design team will customize an ongoing training bootcamp plan that works with your team and addresses your needs.

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Rather than learn everything at once (and forget), learners will complete short assignments over a series of weeks, months or even a year.

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Short Segments

Content is divided into short segments allowing your learners to focus on one or two training concepts.

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After each section, your learners will respond to a short quiz to test their knowledge.

Ongoing Training


Practice or Mystery Calls

One-on-one Coaching
Depending on your choice, your Bootcamp program can include one-on-one virtual coaching with an Oculus trainer or a mystery audit call. Listening and roleplay tools to help your team grow.
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Trainer Chat

Connect with an expert.
Need some support? During the Bootcamp, your team members can access support from the Oculus team via Whatsapp, text message, email, and online chat!
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Not just typical multiple choice.

If chosen, there are scenario-based, open essay-style evaluations instead of just multiple choice. Your coach will grade and provide coaching support for learners who are struggling.

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Easy Tech

Ongoing Training Bootcamp is accessible through a web browser, smartphone, or tablet. Learners can log in even on their personal devices.

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Downloads & Resources

We can create downloads and desktop tools to compliment your custom e-learning.

Always On

Your team can access training, quizzes and download certificates 24/7!

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Manager Reports

Managers can log in to access status reports.


Trying to picture Ongoing Training Bootcamp?

We know that seeing is believing. Check out a small sample of our 12 week Bootcamp option! Don’t forget that we will customize your Bootcamp to work with your needs.

Per User


$ 96
  • Discovery & Design
  • Custom Videos
  • Custom Activities
  • Scenarios
  • 30 Day Access
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Dial 1-888-OCULUS4 to get started.

Ongoing training made easy with an Oculus Bootcamp!

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