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We have to pull out all of the stops to ensure people want to give!

Non-Profit training that helps pull at the heart strings while delivering the best service standards.

You may not be a “business” in it for the money, but your team still has to provide the same superior service to elicit donations, support and to spread the word. The Oculus Service IMPRESS™ Program for non-profits and associations can help you meet your goals and develop your team.

Through organizational assessments, online and onsite non-profit training, we can take your team to the next level! Our programs can help you remain competitive in managing the public’s perception of your charitable organization. 

We understand that every donation and every hour of support is vital to the success of your non-profit organization. Training is the key to keeping retention rates high, avoiding costly new hire re-training, and ensuring the maintenance of support levels

Non-profits and associations are a vital part of our community, but those people that work within them do not tend to receive the same level of training as for-profit companies. Take advantage of the Oculus training programs and give your team more tools to be successful. Training with a heart!

We love charities!

If you are a government-registered non-profit, we are happy to extend savings on all of our services.

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Live & Custom


+ 12.00$ / per learner

  • 100% Custom
  • Live & Trainer-Led
  • Syllabus Approval
  • Flexible Scheduling

If you work to open their hearts, it will help to open their wallets!


Personal Connection

We can’t be all business! Especially when we work in an emotional environment. When your team engages others, how do they establish a genuine conversation to build loyalty with your donors? In this non-profit training module, we will review how to connect and build relationships that last!


First Impressions

When a donor walks through your door or calls your office, what impression do they get? This foundation training will review the basics of service, including body language, smiling, eye contact, tone, greeting, and a genuine attitude.


Complaint Management

Even though you are not operating a business, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to deal with complaints. In this non-profile training, we will review the importance of dealing with emotions, resolving issues and maintaining high levels of service.


Generating Donations & Giving

Donations and support are a “luxury” item for some people. How do you get people to “spend” more? We need support to survive but there is a time and place to encourage donations. In this module, we will talk about the foundations of soliciting donations and support.

At Oculus, we give back and support our community. If you are a government-registered non-profit, your training program with Oculus could be partly discounted by the Oculus Living Loving Proof Program. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us to apply for funding

We can schedule your non-profit training day at your location. We can work around what would be best for you and your team.

100% Designed for you!

Custom Made

We know it’s a sales technique to include something for free, but we are doing it anyway! We will customize your automotive training program free of charge. How about that for feature-selling? BOOM

Custom Training

Deliver your Non-Profit Training the way it works for you!

Web, in-person, recorded, hybrid, Bootcamp, or all of the above? Choose the training delivery option that fits your team and goals.


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Non-Profit Training

To pull on the heart strings, you have to provide service that's heartfelt!