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Telephone Mystery Shopping




Telephone Mystery Shopping

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Add telephone mystery shopping to help your team members grow, increase revenues, and give you a competitive edge.

What is telephone mystery shopping?

Traditionally, telephone mystery shopping is the method to assess your team member’s performance against pre-determined sales or service criteria. 

How does telephone mystery shopping work?
A mystery shopper or “fake customer” will call your location and present a customer scenario to your team members. The call is recorded and used to evaluate the conversation based on the criteria you have set with the mystery shopping company. A final report is sent to you for review. 


There are many benefits to mystery shopping your team members.

  • Gain a better understanding of your customer service experience and sales process.
  • Assess the ability of your agents to tackle resistance and manage complaints effectively.
  • Understand how loyalty is acknowledged. 
  • Evaluate the proficiency of third-party call centers. 
  • Use data to set training goals, create a consistent service experience, and improve online reviews on sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp.

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Why Oculus?

We don’t call them mystery shops, but “opportunity calls.”

We have embraced a modern approach to mystery shopping. Rather than setting out to “catch” your employees not performing, our aim is to discover ways to positively impact your business and team. Our mystery shopping services are geared towards identifying opportunities that can generate revenue, educating employees, and giving you a competitive edge.

Fully Customized

Comparison Data

Free Features

Trainer Support

Proven Results

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Fully Customized

Our mystery shops are fully customized from top to bottom.

No set-up fees!

Begin with a free discovery call!

Setup with a success call! The telephone mystery shopping process starts with a success call! You don’t have to follow our “standards”! Set your own. Your account manager will work with you to set up your calls in a manner that works for you! 


Our checklist or “true/false” type of scoring is a simple way to provide feedback and keep your assessments uncomplicated. Check yes for completed, or leave blank for missed.


Have a more complex auditing requirement? In our Motivate Plus option, you can have your assessments completed on a scale of 1-5 or 1-10 or even 1-100!


It is not just about what you said. It’s also about the tone. Oculus assessments creates a separate grade for tone. Skills won’t mean anything if not done with the right attitude!

Custom Profiles

Tailored scenarios. Our professional secret shopper actors mimic your typical customers using the profile details you provide us.

Call Display

We can customize what shows up on your call display to match your typical customers.


Not all customers are nice! Pick the personalities that you would like us to portray.


Do you need the caller to ask specific questions, be resistant, or reference a past purchase? We can make it happen!

24/7 - 365

Our mystery shopping is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You tell us when to call and when not to call.

Managed Shoppers

We manage and train our shoppers and do not outsource your trust in us!

Unlimited Call Types

Choose any call type. It’s possible that your business needs may change throughout the year. Our mystery shopping services are flexible and can adapt to your changing needs. You have the freedom to modify your call type and criteria at any time, without any additional cost!

Agent Target Shop

Connect with someone specific. Need to target specific agents? Not an issue! Book a target shop, and we will keep trying until we reach the desired agent.

Comparison Data

Competitive data is included for free.* You can use Oculus mystery shop calls to make savvy business decisions by comparing data from your competitive set.

We will compare skillsets, grades, and tone. You can also add pricing data.



You are winning! You scored higher than the competition.



* Each package of five calls includes one free competition call. Additional calls are available for purchase.


We offer more than just a checklist of completed skills with our feature-packed services.

PDF & Email Alerts

Once an audit call is complete, our system will email you. This will include the audio and PDF report, and a coaching alert when your agent needs some extra coaching.

Call Recording

With your permission, we record all of our mystery shopping experiences so you can review the results with your team members. Nothing beats being a fly on the wall!

Focus Step

Our Focus Step will concentrate on a single concept and provide more in-depth scoring and feedback to help your team members grow.

Focus areas can include:
Upselling, Loyalty, Personal Connection, Overcoming Resistance, Qualifying, Tone and more!

Select Tips

Our checklist or “true/false” type of scoring is a simple way to provide feedback and keep your assessments uncomplicated. Check yes for completed, or leave blank for missed.

Owl Download

Additional features include:

Oculus sample forms

MSForm Half
Mystery Shopping Phone


Free success calls. Take advantage of our on-demand account success calls to review your account, adjust criteria, call scheduling or schedule coaching.

Coaching Owl Goals

Trade up for coaching! If one of your team members is struggling, you can exchange a mystery call for a practice call with a training expert.

Reinforcement Schedule 2022

Add training options. Include webinars or in-person sessions on customer service, sales, or sensitivity training to support your mystery shop program.

Mystery Shopping Phone with Owlene

Proven Results

Trust us with your business needs. Don’t just take our word that our telephone mystery shopping works. Follow the numbers! For ten years, we evaluated a group of six clients over 6,000 times.


more confidence! The test group attempted to overcome resistance 94% of the time in year ten compared to only 35% in year one.


more revenue! In year 10, the test group sold higher-priced options and packages on 100% of the audit calls.


more loyalty & connections! such as using their name, finding commonalities, or making personal recommendations.

Our 5-star reviews speak for themselves!
Rosemary P
Rosemary P
General Manager
Read More
Oculus Training was extremely helpful for my hotel team over the many years that I was GM of the property
Deana E
Deana E
Hotel Manager
Read More
Oculus Training was extremely helpful for my hotel team over the many years that I was GM of the property
Aaron R
Aaron R
Hospitality Aficionado
Read More
I felt comfortable and confident about our project and the Oculus team being able to execute against it.


Take your auditing to the next level with Oculus coaching and advanced reporting!

Kevin James
Kevin James
Kevin James Saunders is a senior trainer with 20+ years of experience and has conducted thousands of sessions.

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