Telephone Mystery Shopping

Ring, ring, ring! Opportunity is calling!

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Learn by listening in and give your team members the opportunity to grow through ongoing training.

We love telephone mystery shopping here at Oculus because we feel it provides your learners with opportunities to improve! That’s why we don’t call them mystery shops, but rather “opportunity calls.”

Owlene Telephone Mystery Shopping

Custom Criteria

Begin with a free success call!

Setup with a success call!
The telephone mystery shopping process starts with a success call! You don’t have to follow our “standards”! Set your own. Your account manager will work with you to set up your calls in a manner that works for you!
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Your account coach will help you determine how you would like us to score!

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Our checklist or “true/false” type of scoring is a simple way to provide feedback and keep your assessments uncomplicated. Check yes for completed, or leave blank for missed.

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Have a more complex auditing requirement? In our Motivate Plus option, you can have your assessments completed on a scale of 1-5 or 1-10 or even 1-100!

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It is not just about what you said. It’s also about the tone. Oculus telephone mystery shopping assessments creates a separate grade for tone. Skills won’t mean anything if not done with the right attitude!

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Adaptable Scheduling

Whenever you need us
Our telephone mystery shopping is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You tell us when to call and when not to call.  You can change your mind and adjust at any time
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Owlie Smartphone for Mystery Shopping


Target Shops

Connect with someone specific
Need to target specific agents? Not an issue! Book a target shop, and we will keep trying until we reach the desired agent.
Reporting Owl

& Reports Types

We have your reporting needs covered!


1 Call Credit


1.5 Call Credits


2 Call Credits

Need extra drilled-down reporting, reviews, downloads, the ability to update and historical detailed information?

Add our web-based reporting for only $18 per month!

Shopper Profiles

Unlike the competition, our shoppers actually sound like real customers.


You can tell us where your customers come from, and those are the telephone numbers that will display on your phone!


Not all customers are nice. Pick the personalities that you would like our shoppers to portray.

Mystery Shoppers

Our shoppers will use scenarios that are pre-designed for your location.


Want to see how long it will take for your team to return a call? We offer call-back auditing.

Call Types

Anything and everything!

Your business is complex, and calls vary! We get that! Depending on your needs, your telephone mystery shopping can include a variety of scenarios.

Sales Inquiry

We will call with a general sales inquiry on your services.


We call to make an appointment for your services.


How does your team handle requests? Let’s ask!


Not all calls are happy ones. We can complain.


We call you and make a booking at your location.


What happens when callers cancel? Let’s find out


Practice with a live, expert coach.

Sometimes we have to take the mystery out of things to help move your team members forward. An Oculus trainer will call and practice your mystery shopping skills with your team members! Mini-training session all around! How easy is that?

More on coaching calls
Owlene on the Telephone Mystery Shopping coaching

Live practice with an expert!

Coaching Calls

Not all mystery calls need to be mysterious! Trade your Coach telephone mystery shopping calls in for a practice call with an expert coach. If your team member isn’t doing well, you can swap out a mystery call for a coaching call. Give your learner the boost they need to be confident with some expert coaching!

More on coaching calls
Owlene & Coaching Calls by Oculus


Just sit back and relax! Your results are on the way!

Once your audits are completed, we will notify you.

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Email Notifications

Once the telephone mystery shopping call is complete, our system will email you. This will include the audio and PDF report link and/or a training alert that your agent needs some extra coaching.

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A caller will contact your location and present the scenarios. We record the interaction. The recording is sent to an Oculus Coach, who will evaluate the skills and tone used during the call.

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Your personal coach will provide valuable coaching tips and the telephone mystery shopping results are sent to your inbox. Those results include an audio file and downloadable PDF report with tips on how to improve!

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Did you know that our mystery shoppers only have a scenario to go by and don’t see the training criteria? We record the calls, and by keeping the shopper in the dark, we can have them act and sound more like a real customer. It’s that simple!

Call credits are easy! Depending on your needs, you can trade in your call credits for different types of calls. If you want our signature IMPRESS call telephone mystery shopping report, it’s just one credit. If you would like comparison reporting and competitor details, that would pull two credits from your bank!  You can change your call types with only 30 days notice.

Telephone Mystery Shopping.

Dial 1-888-OCULUS4 to get started.

Take your telephone mystery shopping to the next level with a coaching and advanced report data!

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