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Mystery Shopping

Want to know what's happening at your hotel? Need to improve online ratings? Need more revenue? A hotel mystery shopping program can achieve your goals!

All around the world, hotels use hotel mystery shopping companies to evaluate performance in sales and customer service. Oculus is pleased to offer custom hotel mystery shopping assessments made specifically for the hospitality industry. Telephone mystery shops are typical, but we can also conduct virtual shops of your online communication.

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100% Custom

Have brand standards or specific skills you wanted included into your hotel mystery shopping? No problem! It’s free and included.

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You don’t have to take our word about what happened! All of our audits are recorded and the results will be sent to you for review.

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We craft a PDF report and email the hotel mystery shopping report with a summary of what happened and how to improve improvement tips.

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Telephone Mystery Shopping

Have a mystery shopper call your location. Are your reservations or call center staff presenting values, qualifying the caller, upselling and overcoming resistance? Our hotel mystery shopping by telephone will give you some crucial details! 


Email, Online & Text Mystery Chat!

Virtual shops! We can’t ignore how virtual communication is a part of our hotel sales and service environment. Let’s measure how well the team is doing, and make some improvements!
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The proof is in our numbers!

Find out why 86% of oculus hotel customers are top 10 and above performers on Get in touch with us today!


Practice with a live, expert coach.

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Practice with a live, expert coach.

Working in a hotel requires a lot of knowledge and takes a lot of practice. Why not speak with an expert coach over the phone to practice those service and sales skills? These one-on-one training opoportuities will help increase your hotel mystery shopping program ROI!

Mystery Shopping Companies- Coaching

Hotels love inclusions, so here you go!

Don’t worry about paying for add-ons! We have included all this fun stuff for free because we love you!

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5-star Service

Our luxury IMPRESS program focuses on refinement plus sales and service skills and is included for free within our hotel mystery shopping programs.

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Industry Needs

The industry changes. Think about the new standards for Covid-19? We can add temporary assessment questions and tips for absolutely free!


Call Types

You don’t have to stick to one call type! You can include inquiry, confirmation, cancellation, information, or matching OTA calls! The choice is yours and included.

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Handcrafted Tips

We don’t just give a checklist of achievements, we help you improve. Our hotel mystery shopping forms include trainer arpproved tips!

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Tone & Grade

You can say all the right things, but if you say them in the wrong way, they mean nothing. We don’t just evaluate skills, but how the skill is applied and with what attitude!

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Competition Calls

Want to know what your competition is doing? Let us audit your hotel and their hotel at the same time. You can compare the results.

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Not only will you get notifications of new hotel mystery shopping audits, but we also include 100% alerts, 3-attempts, 100%, coaching alerts, extended wait times and more.

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Fun & Badges

All work and no play is never good! We have added some fun elements, like badges and awards to our mystery shops! Collect them all and show them off!

Mystery Shopping Badges
Ghost Calls Badge


We can call your hotel 24/7 and 365 days per year. We have all of your shifts covered. (Don’t worry! We won’t leave your night audit people behind!)

Just tell us where your guests are coming from, and we will create profiles and numbers for those areas.

Yes! Just tell us their schedule, and we will make it happen (additional fees apply).

Yes. We provide your agents with access to a website or online app. They can read the coaching reports within the app and listen to the recorded mystery shop calls. If they have questions, they can even contact one of our coaches.

Signature is a great company and has been around for a long time. We would say that the most significant difference is our modern approach and software. First, we do not charge for customization, our hotel mystery shopping includes written feedback, and our mystery calls can consist of complaints, confirmation, cancellation, online, web chat, etc. On top of all of this, we have a modern production studio to provide e-learning training support. We would recommend speaking with an Oculus rep to learn more!

The shoppers don’t grade. Our auditors are kept in the dark about your assessment criteria. Once the audit is complete, the results are sent to an independent coach, who scores all the calls and virtual audits for your hotel. This way, we can ensure the scoring is consistent!

Would your hotel like an extra

$140, 800?

Hotel Mystery Shopping
A training and mystery shopping investment does pay for itself, and then some.

The above calculations are based on modest sample data. (New Customer: $150 + Upsell: $20 + Repeat Customer: $150 x( 2 Shifts)) x 220 Days.

Call Credits

Audit or Coaching


  • 100% Custom
  • Tone & Grade
  • Coaching Tips
  • PDF Report
  • 24/7
  • Trade for coaching or comparison calls.


Hotel Mystery Shopping.

Change made super easy with an Oculus hotel mystery shopping program.

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