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Mystery Shopping
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See what's happening in your biz with telephone mystery shopping and virtual audits that provide a clear snapshot of your sales and service levels.

Are your agents delivering the type of service experience you expect and need to be a thriving business? Since you can’t be everywhere at all times, why not have a secret shopper or auditor evaluate what is happening with your sales and service experiences?  Our telephone and virtual mystery shopping services give you an unbiased perspective on what’s happening within your business.
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100% Custom

We change with you and meet your standards. You can update, change or adapt your criteria free of charge! It’s completely up to you!

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With your permission, we record all of our mystery shopping experiences so you can review the results with your team members. Nothing beats being a fly on the wall!

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Our PDF and email mystery shopping reports will provide you with a summary of what happened and some hand-crafted improvement tips.

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Telephone Mystery Shopping

Have a mystery shopper call your location. Are your team members following reservation sales,  service and company standard operating procedures? Stop hoping and start tracking! Learn from telephone mystery shopping audits. Listen to an audio recording and read a written report of what happened.


Email, Online & Text Mystery Chat!

Virtual shops! LOL, OMG, and TTYL! Virtual communication makes connecting with our customers easier, but we need to maintain professional standards.  It’s important that your responses represent the style of service that you provide.
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Practice with a live, expert coach.

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Practice with a live, expert coach.

Sometimes we have to take the mystery out of things to help move your team members forward. An Oculus trainer will call and practice your mystery shopping skills with your team members! Mini-training session all around! How easy is that?

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How do you keep your customers happy?

Stop nickle and diming them! Our shops are packed with features & feedback!

We have included all OF this fun stuff for free because we love you!

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Handcrafted Tips

What’s the point of a secret shop, if you don’t get some tips on how to improve? Our audits include advice on how to make positive changes.

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Tone & Grade

You can say all the right things, but if you say them in the wrong way, they mean nothing. We don’t just evaluate skills, we look at how the skill is applied and with what attitude!

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Anytime, Anything!

Something not working? Not an issue! If you want to update your criteria, call type or even change your audit schedule, its all included for free!

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Not only will you get notifications of new audits, but we also include 100% alerts, coaching alerts, extended wait times and more.

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Fun & Badges

All work and no play is never good! We have added some fun elements, like badges and awards to our mystery shops! Collect them all and show them off!

Mystery Shopping Badges
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24/7! Our secret shopping services are available all day, every day throughout the year.

We have you covered. We can display telephone numbers from whatever location you need.

Yes! Just tell us their schedule, and we will make it happen (additional fees apply).

Unlike other mystery shopping companies, we do not charge for changes. We just need 30 days to code your required updates.

Yes! We have discounts on our secret shopping packages over 60 audits per year.

Yes! Tell us the scenarios you want to present, and we will make it happen!

We have many types of audits:


  • Inquiry & Appointment
  • Sales
  • Reservations
  • Confirmation and Cancellation
  • Information Only
  • Complaint

We do offer free trials for qualified customers. Please contact us for more details.

Want an extra

$140, 800?

Hotel Mystery Shopping
A training and mystery shopping investment does pay for itself, and then some.

The above calculations are based on modest sample data. (New Customer: $150 + Upsell: $20 + Repeat Customer: $150 x( 2 Shifts)) x 220 Days.

Call Credits

Audit or Coaching


  • 100% Custom
  • Tone & Grade
  • Coaching Tips
  • PDF Report
  • 24/7
  • Trade for coaching or comparison calls.

Mystery Shopping.

Change made easy with an Oculus custom-made mystery shopping program.

Call us at to get started.


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