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Stay where you are. Let us come to you. Expert, award-winning, live training at your location! That is made-to-measure.

Just like a good suit, training should be tailored!

Don’t just confirm a boxed training and call it a day! You might not be impressed with the result. Craft a live training event that perfectly addresses your needs! Best of all, all customizations are free!

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Boxed Training Doesn't Work!

Design and Discovery

We know that you are unique, with specific needs. Prior to your live training evening, we schedule a discovery call to understand your goals. Using this information, we develop a training that is guaranteed to fit.

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Custom Content

Our live training is 100% custom. This means that the time is spent on the areas you need, not the ones you don’t. It all starts with a discovery call.

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Games & Fun

Boring? Nope! We welcome your team with music and special decor! There are games, prizes, breakout groups, and many movement activities. Live training shouldn’t be a snoozefest!

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Your live training session includes customized resources like desktop reference tools, checklists, practice worksheets, and virtual downloads! Need something? Tell us and we will have it created.

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No Saturation

We respect you and your business! That’s why we don’t sell you boxed “signature” training that is sold to every Tom, Dick and Harry! Yuck! You are unique and we create training that’s tailored for your business needs.

Leadership Training

Management Support

Planning & Coaching Assistance. We know that the Oculus training event is only the start of the change process. That is why we always include management coaching, goal-setting, and planning meetings after each training session.

Follow-Up, Packages & Bootcamp

Connect with an expert. Who says training has to be one time? Reinforcement training increases results. Create a training series or leverage our Bootcamp which includes personalized coaching and ongoing support via email, text message, Facebook, Instagram, and even webchat.

Video Chat

A friendly face is always a good thing. Depending on your package, Bootcamp can include one-on-one video coaching calls to help your learner understand your content.

Oculus Video Coaching Calls

No matter what industry you are in, we have a live training option that will fit perfectly. If we don't, we will make it fit! That's our guarantee!


Anything you need, we have you covered!

Since our live training is completely designed from scratch for you, any topic within sensitivity, sales or customer service can be reviewed. Just tell us your goals!

Sensitivity Training

Live sensitivity training is a great way to give those boring compliance-based learning pizazz! Even with a “sensitive” topic, we can infuse activities, discussions, and, dare we say, a few laughs? Your team will walk away feeling happy that they attended. Our customized behavioral modification and thought-provoking live training will give your team new ideas to think about.

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Customer Service and Sales Training

Customer service and sales live training is always a pleasure. Please don’t get too comfortable. We have so many fun activities for your team! You will be on the move with those thinking caps on while we engage, entertain and educate your learners in the most up-to-date service and sales training.

Live Training

Live & Custom


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  • 100% Custom
  • Live & Trainer-Led
  • Syllabus Approval
  • Flexible Scheduling

Leave Inspired.
Live Training.

Change made easy with an Oculus iive training session.

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