Leadership Training

Leadership Training
Don’t forget the fundamentals!

Custom leadership training that helps set the tone for your business!

In an ever-changing world, leaders need to inspire and manage their team, find and maintain customers plus allow time for their professional growth! That’s a lot to have on your plate!

Our custom leadership training program can support your organisation by teaching (or reminding) leaders of current employee relation techniques, team-building ideas, and coaching fundamentals.



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How we create amazing, award-winning leadership training!

Leaders are picky (like they should be), so we customize all of our leadership training!
Before we begin to design the leadership training content, we conduct an assessment to discover leadership styles and personality types.
Once we have our assessment result, a recommendation report is sent for review.
Our instructional design team creates a leadership training program based on your requirements and what has been approved within the recommendation report.
The training program is delivered through a live training event or online (or even both). The choice is yours!

Sometimes we have to step back and have some fun. We can create a series of fun activities to ensure your team learns lessons about communication, working together, respect, and more. Ideas Include:


  • Build-A-Boat >
  • The Amazing Race- Local Style
  • Escape Room
  • Feed A Village
  • The Drop

Coaching your team will guarantee that they have every opportunity to succeed in their role, and your organizational goals will flourish. Our train-the-trainer leadership training will help your team understand the fundamentals of coaching and the importance of implementing an employee development strategy. Some of our most popular topics include:


  • Coaching & Goal-Setting
  • Developing SOP’s
  • Employee Discipline
  • Employee Reviews & Development
  • Hiring with Excitement
  • Firing with Dignity
  • Creative Interviewing
  • Understanding Management Styles
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Leading A Team Remotely
  • Delegation 101
  • Positive Reinforcement 101

Yes! We can design a train-the-trainer program for your team. Please get in touch with us for a custom quote.

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Leadership training can be delivered for all types of leaders! It doesn’t matter how they learn, or where they are! We have you covered and it's free!
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