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Fun-filled, corporate team-building workshops by Oculus!

Ahoy There! Don't let your team spirit sail away!

Learning to work together and communicate is not always easy. It takes patience, kindness, an openness to change, and a willingness to listen to others. Among other things! In this fun-filled team-building activity, we will guide your team through organization-enriching lessons that encourage team members to think about how they engage one another in critical areas.

And yes, we actually do build a boat that will float your team members!


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Make some memories! We create corporate team-building workshops that make team-building fun!

Some of the general concepts that can be included in this customized team-building training session are:


We are in this together!

We will review the importance of respecting all team members and that we all contribute to the bigger picture.


Communication is key.

We will discuss how to communicate calmly and with respect under pressure. We will review the basics of respectful dialogue and using the right words.


Attitude is everything.

Understand the value of maintaining a positive attitude.


Get in the boat, or get out!

Being a team player is essential. We will review how respecting and honoring the decisions of our team members and those in leadership is a key to progress!


Let’s get physical.

We will examine how our body language, tone, and sounds send their own message within a team environment.


Change happens!

Change will happen, and we have to be open to new concepts.


Trust and believe!

It is crucial to place trust in other team members at all times to ensure success!


The Salty Sailor!

We can deal with any obstacle when we work together.


You can’t know everything.

We will remind all learners that there are situations in which we don’t always understand why a decision, change, or action is being taken. That’s okay!

Yes! We have many fun corporate team-building workshops for you to choose from! You can always find an option to get everyone excited and involved. Additional theme ideas Include:


  • The Amazing Race- Local Style
  • Escape Room
  • Feed A Village
  • The Drop

It is all about the content. The more content you want to include, the longer your training will be. Typically, sessions run between 4-8 hours.

It can be! You get to define what you want the training to look like. We can focus on your leadership team, or you can include your entire team! It’s totally up to you! During the discovery process, we will attempt to understand the day’s make-up.

Yes! We can design a train-the-trainer program for your team. Please contact us for a custom quote.

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