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Don't just listen to a problem! Relate!

Turn complaints into opportunities to shine and generate long-lasting, loyal customers!

It is easy to provide great customer service to those individuals who have a great personality, but not every experience is positive. At Oculus, our how to handle customer complaints training program can help your team turn Grumpy Gusses into Singing Sally’s. People often act differently when emotions are running high and their expectations are not being met.

Our how to handle customer complaints training will teach your participants how to approach difficult situations with confidence and poise without the need for constant supervision.

The course will focus on using problem-solving skills to turn challenging customer experiences into positive ones, ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business. Through pre-approved stages of empowerment and continued coaching, your team members will become experts on handling customer complaints!


Live & Custom


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Your team will walk out of the training room with advanced selling and service skills!



How you start handling customer complaints can make or break the experience. Your team will learn the importance of doing and saying the right things at the start of any interaction.


Listen And Connect

It is essential to listen, connect and empathize with your customers at any time, but even more so during a complaint. We will show your team how to acknowledge and address emotions.


Provide Solutions

We can’t always offer what a customer is asking for, but at the same time, we can’t leave them hanging with no solutions. We will train your team on how no is never an option and how to find alternatives.



No complaint would be complete unless we discussed the importance and correct way to follow-up and turn a complaining customer into a loyal one!

Check out some of how to handle customer complaints training topics that can be included in your custom program:

Just because you have fixed the issue doesn’t mean that the problem has disappeared. Let’s be honest; many complaints progress since there is no follow up! In this section, we will review the best follow up and tracking practices.

Do you want to your compensation levels to be consistent and within a pre-approved level? Allow us to assist you in making your compensation plan.

When dealing with a complaint, our body language, tone, attitude and initial reaction contribute to our success! We will review the importance of managing these components.

Have a heart, please! It is not just about the facts; it’s also about how the customer feels! We will talk about how to engage with powerful customer emotions.

We are in this thing together! How inviting we are can make or break the situation. This section will show how to disarm a customer and show them that you are on their side from the first moment.

We will showcase how to investigate the problem first, before jumping to solve the issue by asking probing questions.

If you have a complaint, then you have to take action. Providing the most appropriate, flexible and cost-conscious solution to your customer is key to turning things around.

I’m sorry!? Make those words mean something. There is a right and wrong way to apologize! Learn to make the best choice.

This section will determine when, how, and how much compensation should be provided during a complaint. Teach your team members to resolve first and compensate last.

Want your team members to act more on their own without always having to speak with a manager? In this module, we will show them how to act with confidence

100% Designed for you!

Custom Made

Handling customer complaints don’t have to be a battle! Have your own process to conflict resolution? We can take your standards, combine them with ours and create a handling customer complaints training course that will turn your situations into opportunities. All customizations are free, so why not?

Custom Training

Deliver your Complaint Management Training the way it works for you!

Web, in-person, recorded, hybrid, Bootcamp, or all of the above? Choose the training delivery option that fits your team and goals.


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Complaint Management Training

Training is key! Let's get excited about handling customer complaints!