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Hotel housekeeping training and the fundamentals of service!

There is much more to housekeeping than just cleaning a guest room!

When a customer checks into their room, they take for granted that it’s going to be immaculately clean. However, sometimes things are missed and our dream guest turns into a nightmare. Housekeepers are typically trained during their first few weeks of employment, and the training stops there. Why not be ahead of the game by reinforcing your standards and ensuring your hotel housekeeping training is kept up to date. Keep your housekeepers sharp and focused on what they do each and every day.

Oculus hotel housekeeping training can help your housekeeping team better understand what a guest and/or inspector will look for when they enter a room. Not only do we review cleaning standards but we also look at the reactions from customers, and what it might mean for your hotel when a room is not properly cleaned.

During the housekeeping cleanliness training session, we will review some key housekeeping standards. If your hotel does not currently have housekeeping standard operating procedures, we can help you create them.

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Invest in housekeeping and show your team how important they really are!

Here are some of the sample hotel housekeeping training sessions that you can choose from:

During this session, we will review the basics of cleaning a room and what it takes to ensure that your guest rooms receive the attention they deserve. Mock room set-ups and housekeeping errors are interactive components in this hotel housekeeping training session. This session includes both a trainer and a professional cleaning consultant to point your team in the right direction.

  • Understanding the importance of housekeeping in the guest experience.
  • Handling do not disturb signs.
  • Respecting guest privacy and service safety.
  • How to enter a room properly

It is not just the front desk that has to deliver an exceptional service experience, housekeeping can showcase their service skills to guests on the floor and while in guest rooms. We will review how to establish a personal connection, acknowledge loyalty and delivering the 5-star touch, within the housekeeping department.

  • General impressions and greetings.
  • Assisting with general inquiries.
  • Making a personal connection.

We are living in a new world and that means we have to adjust the way that we deliver service to our in-house guest. In this module, we will review concepts to limit the spread of contagions, how to keep our guests safe, and our housekeeping teams healthy!

It is sometimes our housekeeping team who gets to come face-to-face with a guest complaint. Rather than give the guest the run around, provide your housekeepers with the basic tools and power to resolve complaints, or at the very least, show genuine care and concern.

Do you have your standards down on paper? It might be time to develop housekeeping standards so your team can have the backup and support documentation they need to get the job done right. In this housekeeping cleanliness session, we will work with your housekeeping team to develop step-by-step standard operating procedures that help maintain consistent cleaning standards within your hotel. Our standard operating procedures are beautifully designed with professional photos for support. We recommend a follow-up, trainer-led training session to review your newly created standards. Housekeepers are often passionate about their jobs, and this can be a fun and interactive way to engage them.

A great way to provide hotel housekeeping training is by coaching your housekeeping team using real examples. Having a quality inspection completed is a great way to showcase what is really happening. Similar to a mystery shop, an inspector will visit your location unannounced and inspect a room that is marked clean and ready. A report is delivered to your team members to help develop a plan to affect change.

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