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Running a hotel is not easy. With turnover, a competitive marketplace and high customer expectations, hotels have a lot on their plate. An Oculus hotel training and mystery shopping program can help you bring your teams up to speed on what needs to be done to provide exceptional service.

The marketplace is full of hotels that uphold similar service principles. How do you stand out? Our customized hotel training will move your team away from merely providing service. Our coaching centers around creating personalized “WOW” experiences that leave lasting impressions, promote loyalty and increase revenue! 

Through ongoing customer service hotel training programs, combined with the feedback from virtual and telephone mystery calls, we can help you guide your team to service perfection. Your customers will be writing rave reviews.


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We love hotel training and have worked with many locations around the world. Here are some of the most popular options they request!

Both hotels and service-centric businesses alike can provide an elevated service experience to customers. In this course, we will talk about the foundations of being 5-star.

  • Elegant and Calm Service Ambiance.
  • Elevated Body Language, Words, Tone and Attitude
  • Keeping The Fantasy Factor
  • Service Compliments
  • Service Adaptability
  • Service Knowledge Expectations
  • Service Confidence & Thoughtfulness
  • Service Offers & Refreshments (Check-In and Check-Out)
  • Hands-Free Service, Barrier-Free Service
  • Personalized Wake-up Calls
  • Personalized “Stay Well” Follow Up Calls
  • Understated Service
  • Understanding Privacy
  • Maintaining 5-Star Service with Pandemic Restrictions

Are you a part of a brand with a variety of standards to implement? Send us your criteria, and we will customize a hotel training course to make your content come to life and meet your brand expectations.

Guests can be demanding. We have to deal with their expectations, emotions and ensure their stay is flawless. This course will highlight the importance of dealing with issues, addressing emotions and more steps to eliminate complaints.

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Concierge service is more than just providing recommendations. We will show how to shape a guest’s stay by making personal recommendations, following up, and encouraging guests to experience the best your area has to offer.

During Check-In IMPRESS training, we will review how to assess needs, upsell and provide proactive service to start a guest’s stay off right!

Our Check-Out IMPRESS modules will review how to acknowledge loyalty, leaving a positive lasting impression, encouraging positive online reviews, and much more. 

Having logos plastered around your building and at the front desk can encourage reviews, but not just positive ones. This module will teach techniques that promote positive reviews and ditch the negative ones.

In our IMPRESS modules for dining rooms, we will review the IMPRESS and AAA standards of service, reservations, sales, upselling, presentation, personal connection, qualifying, making a recommendation, creating the best impressions, encouraging loyalty, online reviews and more!

  • Banquets & Catering Service
  • Dining Room IMPRESS
  • Room Service IMPRESS

Housekeeping’s role is much more than just cleaning a room. Your housekeeping team should understand the importance of the cleaning process, respecting privacy, preventative maintenance, and how to provide the best customer experience.

  • Conducting A Room Inspection
  • Contagion: Cleaning and room set up during a virus outbreak.
  • Housekeeping Customer Service
  • Handling Guest Complaints (Express-Version)
  • Room Entry & Privacy 101
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While a guest is staying, we have an excellent opportunity to shine, catch issues before they escalate and develop a rapport that will keep guests coming back for more. Options can include Follow-Up, Handling Room Moves, Turn Down Service, Request Fulfillment & Room Delivery!

  • Conducting A Room Inspection
  • Housekeeping Customer Service
  • Handling Guest Complaints (Express-Version)
  • Room Entry & Privacy 101

Who doesn’t like returning guests? Loyal guests are easier to deal with, know what to expect and offer steady revenue. This course will review unique approaches to acknowledging loyalty.

Selling your hotel means more than just taking a few details and sending a confirmation. Create a mental image for your guests before they arrive! Learn to customize your sales experience to sell more, have happier guests and provide the ultimate customer service.

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During a pandemic, service delivery sometimes has to be adjusted to accommodate new norms. This hotel training module talks about maintaining high service levels with a new approach to making guests feel comfortable and safe!

Don’t wait until check-out to hear how a stay went. Learn how to collect much-needed guest thoughts at the start of a visit to ensure an incredible review.

Train your front desk team to upsell products and services at the time of check in to increase your hotel revenues.

The virtual communication experience is becoming more quintessential. We will review how to provide attention-grabbing and elevated customer service over the telephone, email, text message and online.

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