A guide to developing training: Components of an e learning development process.

How to design a custom training video!

During training, have you ever thought, “That doesn’t apply to us!”? Addressing this challenge is crucial for practical training. One of the major advantages of creating your own e-learning videos is that it allows you to customize the content to perfectly align with the unique goals and approach to learning within your organization.

Why custom?

Why you should choose custom for your elearning project!


Custom videos ensure that the final content is more relevant and engaging for your learners but also help to establish a stronger connection between the training content and your organization's vision, core values, and mission.

100% Custom

Pre-made videos can be helpful when you have an immediate need due to an emergency situation. However, for the long term, there may be better choices than boxed training for a return on your training dollar investment.

Production Value

Does your e-learning look like it was created in the 80s? It can be off-putting! Your e learning development process should include some Hollywood glam, effects, and fun to keep your team engaged and motivated. When you invest in design, it adds more value and meaning to your message.

What is the development process of eLearning?

5 steps to start your e learning development process!

Do as the experts do! Simple steps to developing your own bespoke e-learning video.

There are many phases in the e-learning development process, but there are some critical steps to consider and not overlook!


One of the initial steps we suggest in your e learning development process is to establish the overall tone and approach of your training content. The aim is to engage your learners and not bore them to tears. If your videos are uninteresting or don’t align with the culture of your organization, they will fail to resonate with your team members.

At Oculus, our client approves our custom scripts before production to ensure we deliver the tone and approach that matches their team.

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Legal, Data & Statistics

Does your audience need statistics, access to research, legal references, and other resources to “confirm” the message? An effective e learning development process should prioritize your audience’s needs. The script should present factual and scientific data in a clear and concise manner to engage learners who require supporting evidence to process new information.

At Oculus, we back up our scripts with research, surveys, and pertinent laws to ensure audience buy-in.


Less is sometimes more when it comes to creating an effective learning plan. You might be tempted to include your entire wish list of learning objectives within your custom videos. Please don’t do it! Presenting too many concepts is a mistake. People can only remember so much information in one sitting!

e learning development process

At Oculus, we advise clients to focus on three main themes within a 60-minute course.

It is best to focus on the areas that will resonate most with your team members or specific areas of challenge. A custom e-learning video can typically cover a lot of material, but focusing on a few key areas is recommended to ensure you do not overwhelm your learner.

Don’t take our word for it, take a look at this study: How is Working Memory Capacity Limited, and Why?

Examples & Stories

Are you creating a PowerPoint slide full of data? We hope that. If you want to change habits and behavior or provide thought-provoking content, you must include relatable examples and stories for your learners. A reflective e learning development process will consider your learners and ensure the content fits their daily lives.


Be inclusive! Please don’t create an organizational-wide training and ignore your organization when making it! Ensure that your whole team is a part of your e learning development process. Ask what everyone would like to see within a custom video. They may have some excellent examples, ideas, and points to share.

At Oculus, we encourage our clients to include as many people as possible within the design and discovery process, allowing us to uncover potential resistance and additional goals.

Let us do the
heavy lifting.

Why do all the work yourself when you can access better results, more professional resources and save money from a company that solely focuses on training?

By working with Oculus to create custom e-learning videos, you are guaranteed to love the final result. Our bespoke e learning development process gives you complete control over the content and design, allowing you to produce a more cohesive and influential learning experience for your team.


We will schedule discovery calls to discuss your e-learning requirements.


We present you with video script and theme. You approve or request changes.


Once approved, we move into production and film your custom e-learning.

Change Starts Now!