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Are you still buying training from a box? Do better! Partner with one of the best elearning production companies to make a made-to-measure e-learning video!
Make your training easy.

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100% Custom

E-learning that's guaranteed to fit. Remove content you don't need. Our custom elearning videos cut through the noise to what really matters.

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Funny? Serious? Somewhere in the middle? Pick the script tone for your elearning videos. (We suggest funny.)

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Production Value

Do your elearning courses look like a recorded PowerPoint or filmed in the 80's? Yuck! Add some Hollywood glam, effects, and fun to keep your team engaged.

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Every good production starts with a great idea!  Worried that your custom e-learning won’t match your needs? Concerns be gone! Unlike other elearning production companies, we create custom, made-to-measure training, and you approve the content along the way! It starts with a discovery call to understand your needs, goals, and expectations.

Start by choosing a learning theme.

LGBT Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity & Communications

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Leadership & Coaching

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Customer Service Training

Customer Service, Hotel & Reservations

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Oculus Trainers -About Oculus


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Scripting & Approval

You are the director and get to say “cut!”  Based on the discovery call, we will write an engaging script with your training goals in mind. You read, make changes and approve! Simple!


Add 100% green screening
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Using an animated theme, costumes, and props to present your training content makes the final production more compelling – just like a TV show.

Some popular e-learning video themes include:
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Your custom script can include between 3000 and 6000 scripted words (around 20-45 minutes of runtime.)

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The draft script will be sent to you for review and approval. We include one round of changes for free.

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Filmed Evaluations

Boring multiple-choice? Film thought-provoking scenarios to bring your quizzes to life. ​

LGBT Training at Oculus Training

Diversity & Inclusion

Choose from a diverse cast of animated characters representing all backgrounds, cultures, and identities.

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Local Laws

If you have local or federal laws you would like to incorporate, send us the data to write into your script.

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Sources & Facts

We can include sources, surveys, and research references in your script to help with team members' buy-in.



Now the fun begins for us at the studio!   Once you have approved the script, a professional trainer will read it on camera. With CinemaPlus, you can choose the look and feel of your custom elearning video. We have a selection of backdrops that you can choose from, or we can also film on a green screen

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Live Host


Green Screen

Like Hollywood, we can use a green screen to place your trainer anywhere we need them, like your office, the Grand Canyon, New York, or Paris.

Delivered by a professional. Our custom training videos include a live trainer. Don’t watch a PowerPoint screen; watch a real person bring your script to life.

Table Read. We schedule a table read for your script. Words on paper do not always translate when read out loud. Our actors will read your approved script to ensure the tone and structure “sounds” right.




Animations. We use animations to showcase examples, add humor, or present information with flair. Our animations are dynamic, and they interact with your host.

Voiceovers. Our voiceover actors will bring your scripted cast of characters to life.

Timeless. Animation styles are timeless, meaning your e-learning videos won’t seem dated in a few years.

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Special Effects


General production effects.  Special visual effects, third screens, lists, hashtags, and titles are added to your custom training videos. These effects give your e-learning a more cinematic look and feel!

Sound Effects.  We also refine your production with sound effects like laugh tracks and audience effects.

Music.  Background music can add to storytelling and level up your production.

Beautifully modern!

Stay light-years ahead with award-winning training from Oculus. Need to post on Instagram, Facebook, or Slack? Your e-learning will be designed with your end user in mind!

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Save money! Our unbundled training videos mean you only pay for what you need!

Need it fast?

Grouped Production Timeline. We are one of the elearning production companies that want to save you money! We group many productions to be filmed and processed at the same time. This means our production costs are lower, and we pass that savings on to you.


30-Day Turn Around

Our 30-day turnaround service guarantees that your final production will be sent to you within 30 business days of script approval.

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20-Day Turn Around

In a hurry? We can speed up our turnaround time to just 20 business days from script approval.

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Closed-Captioning & Subtitles

Make your training videos more accessible for everyone by adding closed-captioning or subtitles.


Branding & Advanced Effects

Include your logo, select a custom background, remove all Oculus branding, and customize all scenes to match your branding.


Downloads & Workbook Resources

We can create downloads, workbooks, and desktop tools to complement your custom e-learning.




Upgrade to lifetime access

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5-year access license.

Our standard e-learning license provides you with a custom link to virtually access your custom training for up to 5-years. You can extend your access or reschedule an update at the end of the term.


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10 credits

Raise your hand to connect with an expert. Raise your hand to connect with an expert. Unlike Hollywood, we have a heart and care about your learning experience. Have a question for your trainer? Our custom e-learning includes ten virtual support credits to connect with an expert trainer during the first six weeks of your e-learning launch.

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Greater impact!  Are you tired of investing time and resources into training videos that fail to produce meaningful results? Don’t settle for a one-and-done approach from elearning production companies! At Oculus, we develop a comprehensive training plan that includes ongoing support and follow-up options. Empower your team and unleash the potential of your training videos!

Make it a series!
Explore further. Why not add a webinar series to reinforce your training video content and gradually introduce new ideas? Webinars provide increased engagement and the opportunity to connect live with an expert trainer. Create a learning culture within your organization and empower your team to develop new skills!
Coaching Calls
Coaching Calls
One-on-one coaching calls. Enhance your training videos with one-on-one coaching. Unlike other elearning production companies, we offer virtual meetings with an expert to review material, role-play, and respond to learner questions. This individual attention can help learners apply what they've learned in a practical setting, build confidence, and achieve their goals.
Mystery Shopping
Mystery Audits
Evaluate and coach change. By incorporating mystery calls into your follow-up plan, you can provide valuable feedback to your learners and reinforce the details covered in your custom training videos. By addressing areas for improvement constructively, you can help team members to grow and develop their skills!

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