Virtual Customer Service Training

Virtual customer service training for our virtual world!

Don't let your service slip by not fully embracing technology! It's here to stay.

Providing service in-person has changed since the pandemic, and more customers will be engaging us via apps, online chats, emails, social media, text messaging and all of the other forms that allow us to engage our fellow humans.

We can’t let our service levels slide just because we can respond with a simple “yes”! That doesn’t showcase the type of business you are. If you are a customer-centric company, you need to provide an incredible service experience everywhere! It is also much easier for a customer to move on to the next listing in their google search if you don’t. Our virtual customer service training can help keep your standards top notch in all service environments.


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Online chats and messages that leave a lasting impression with virtual customer service training!


Efficient and Elevated Communication

Maintaining your customer’s attention can be more challenging online, so you have to get it right the first time. Our virtual customer service training focuses on delivering efficient and exceptional service by keeping your communication at that 5-star level!


Virtual Personal Connection

It might be challenging to make a personal connection through virtual communication, but it is not impossible. We will show you how to personalize virtual communication, have fun with your customer, and how to be creative to outshine the competition.



No matter where you are, you should try and increase your revenues. Why not? Our virtual customer service training also includes selling techniques to help you gently promote and suggest related services.


Online Etiquette and Grammar

In virtual communications, every little word, period, and smiley face matters. We will review the importance of proper grammar, the use of tools, and business writing standards.

There are many areas we can include within our custom reservations training. Here are some of the most popular topics.

Even in a virtual world, you want to show a level of refinement and luxury within your service delivery. This module will talk about how to deliver online or chat service with that extra pizazz!

We have to ensure that our words, tone, proactive thinking and first impression skills are top-notch. Keep your callers engaged, build loyalty and leave a memorable mark, even without face-to-face interaction.

Online chats, emails and text messaging are convenient ways to connect with customers. That doesn’t mean it should be too quick! Just as we would in person, we need to provide the same level of service, information and professionalism on messaging platforms. We can show you how!

Dealing with complaints online can be dangerous since we can’t see the reaction of the other party. Plus, our words can be taken and posted directly online! No one wants bad social media press, so teach your team to deal with complaints and negative comments with a level of refinement and creativity!

Having fun with social media? Well, it is not just about fun! You can use these platforms to communicate with your customers. Our virtual customer service training will show you how you can personally engage customers online on their favourite social media platforms.

When you use video chats, you have to make sure that your resting b*t@h face doesn’t make its debut or that you seem distracted. What about the way you look on the camera? Is this a good angle? In this section, we will talk about things to consider when presenting yourself on video chat.

There might be a virtual language that we sometimes use, but don’t let your professional language get too sloppy! Learn what not to say within a service environment. Maintain a level of refinement by keeping your language professional and straightforward. LOL! TTYL! G2G! 

Maybe you have a fancy app, or perhaps you don’t! Either way, we can help make your virtual check-in and out experiences pop while practicing respectful physical distancing.

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Just like all of our courses here at Oculus, our virtual customer service training is customized to work for you! You tell us about what you need, your wishes, hopes and dreams! Then, we turn that into a training course. Come on, tell us what you really want. It’s free, so why not!?

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Deliver your Virtual Customer Service Training the way it works for you!

Web, in-person, recorded, hybrid, Bootcamp, or all of the above? Choose the training delivery option that fits your team and goals.


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