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The art of great service starts with customer service skills training.


Cultivating a superior customer experience takes an artist. As with any craft, we should master the skills, be creative, and practice to make people pay attention.

Simply aiming for a 5-star review should not be the ultimate goal. If you want to increase your revenue, and drive loyalty, delivering the best possible customer experience is key. Oculus offers customer service training programs to meet your goals.

Oculus is a industry leader and our award-winning, “IMPRESS™” customer service training programs will equip your team with expert tools to ensure they deliver unparalleled service that exceeds expectations.

Increased ROI with Oculus.  An Oculus training will soon pay for itself. Our award-winning courses are designed to provide you with an edge that cannot be easily copied by your competitors.



60 Minutes


+$12 per learner

Upgrade to in-person from 2588

Introduction To Service

Core Concepts

What are the 4 basics of customer service?

Wondering where to start your service training? Our core concepts training covers the four pillars of service delivery and ensures your team members understand the importance of listening, adjusting, connecting, and exceeding expectations.

Pillar 1

Learn why the little things matter and the importance of active listening.

Pillar 2

Excellent service adapts to the needs and personalities of your customers. We will show you how to provide consistent, but personalized service.

Pillar 3

This module supports the idea and provides strategies for creating connections with others. Memories lead to loyalty!

Pillar 4

Teach your team why a service-centric business shouldn't be in the business of minimums. We will provide the framework for a yes-first approach.

What are the 7 skills of good customer service?

Unlock the full potential of your team with our award-winning IMPRESS™ service training. Our comprehensive program covers the seven essential customer service skills, equipping your team with the tools they need.


Communications Skills Training

Impressions Fundmentals

Make the right first impression and live up to a customer's service fantasy. This course will speak on refined words, tone, attitude, body language and how these components influence how customer perceive us.


great customer service skills training

Active Listening & Adapting

To better understand your customers' needs, it's vital to pay close attention. Learn to listen actively, ask clarifying questions, examine clues and use details to adapt your service experience.

More on active listening

Personality & Fun

customer service training programs

Personal Connection

Learn to connect with customers through engaging conversation. Discover why personalization, recommendations, and celebrations make a long-lasting impression.

Learn More About the following:

Engaging Emotions. Learn the importance of reacting to positive and negative customer emotions to create a bond.

Big-City, Small-Town. Learn how to deliver big-city service standards with your small-town charm.



customer experience

Loyalty, Rewards, and Recognition

Loyalty should be much more than just a rewards and points program. Learn expert strategies for creatively recognizing customers and thanking them for their business.

Exceed Expectations

Proactive Service

Are you standing out in the congested market? Our exceeding expectations modules provide strategies for moving from reactionary to proactive service delivery.

Learn More About the following:

5-star Service. Elevate your service to show a level of refinement and sophistication. Great for luxury service environments.

WOW Factor. Make an impression on your customers. This module teaches how to:

  • Surprise and delight.
  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Create differences between gratitude and compensation. 

Managing Queues. Our managing queues modules will teach approaches for preserving elevated service standards during busy periods.


Conflict Resolution Training

Handling Complaints

Learn to deal with both the tangible and emotional elements of customer complaints. Stop issues from escalating to a manager.

More on complaints

Learn More About the following:

Never Say No. Discover the power of yes! Learn how to manage issues, provide options, and create a positive spin on challenges beyond your control

Action-Reaction. Learn how to act fast and deliver consistent resolutions among all team members

Dealing with abusive customers. Learn how to manage poor reactions with increased confidence when customers cross the lines!


service stability

Consistency and Trust

Maintaining a customer-focused experience requires consistency and trust. Our courses teach methods that emphasize reliability, follow-up, and recommendations to gather genuine feedback for improvement.

Delivery Options

What is the best training for customer service?

Once-size-fits-all approach to service is just not going to work! Today’s customers are saavy, know what they want and are willing to pay for a refined customer experience. At Oculus, our customer service training programs are completely customized to ensure we teach great customer service skills needed to exceed your customer’s expectations.


After selecting your delivery method, we will schedule discovery calls to discuss your requirements.


We present you with a program syllabus. You approve or request changes.


Once approved, we build your custom program.

Custom is better!

Training programs that are pre-recorded and boxed may not promote the niche customer experience you desire, despite their convenience.

At Oculus, we specialize in creating custom training programs that are tailored to your unique goals, culture, customer expectations, and the skills you want to develop. Our made-to-measure training helps you stand out with a program that is unlike anything else in the market. If you're looking to set yourself apart from your competitors, then a custom training program from Oculus is a must-have!

What is an example of customer service skills training? Watch this short video clip below:

Packages starting at only 298$ a month.

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