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Passion. Empathy. Proactivity. Timeliness. Joy. Education. Culture. Refinement.

Great, award-winning customer service training that helps you stand out!

These words are just some of the service adjectives expected by our customers. Customer service is an art. As with any art form, we need to acquire the skills and creativity to make people look up and take notice.

When we do it, how we do it, and our connection with service will dictate how your customers perceive us. It is something we have to manage, especially in this digital age. Our customers must be more than satisfied, or they will move on to the next best thing. Oculus customer service training is here to help!

Our “IMPRESS The Guest” customer service training programs are great to ensure that your team has the proper service mindset.


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Twinkle, twinkle little stars! Give your team the customer service training to help them shine! 

Here are just a few ideas that your team will walk out of training with!


Little Things Matter

How you greet and acknowledge someone starts a customer interaction off right. Review how the “little stuff” matters!


Personal Connection

Reinforce the idea of making a connection with others! Memories lead to loyalty!


Words, Tone, and Attitude

Your customer service training will recap how our words, tone of voice, and general attitude towards service can make or break a customer’s experience.



We are all in this service game together! Reiterate the importance of being consistent with each customer but also with our team members.

Seeing is believing.

Here's a short sample of one of customer service training videos

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Customer service training is our specialty. All of our training is custom, but check out some of our most-requested topics.

Learn how to show a level of refinement and luxury within your service delivery.

When things do go wrong, we have to take action. Ensuring consistency amongst all team members is essential.

Are you managing a “big city” business in a small town? We have to meet high expectations while still maintaining our small-town charm.

Learn to deal with both the factual and emotional components of any customer complaint. Stop issues from escalating to a manager.

Read more about complaint management training >

Sometimes it’s essential to go back to customer service basics! We can review words, tone, body language, and general customer engagement.

When your customers cross the line, it’s important to have the skills and confidence to manage their reaction. We can show you the best practice steps.

Online reviews are an important part of modern day business.

  • Learn how to promote positive online reviews from your customers and avoid the bad ones.
  • Learn how to respond to reviews.

Learn to react appropriately to positive experiences to create a bond! However, not every customer is going to be happy. Learn how to engage negative emotions and show empathy.

A general inquiry over the telephone should leave a lasting positive impression while promoting your business! Learn the seven aspects of an extraordinary telephone call.

Loyalty is more than just rewards! Keeping any customer takes effort. Review some ideas on consistently recognising your loyal customers and building trust with new ones.

Be different. Connect with your customers by treating them as individuals and not one of the crowd. We will show you how to start those engaging conversations that people remember.

You only have one chance to make a first impression, and that is why you have to ensure the picture you are painting is perfect. This course will talk about words, tone, attitude, body language, and much more.

With so many calls, online requests and customers walking through your door, what do you do? You can’t help everyone at once. Learn how to manage your lineups and maintain service levels.

Are you a Bear, Peacock, Fox or The Eagle? We all have our unique personalities and react differently. Learn how to provide service and communicate with your customer’s character and nature in mind.

Were you dealing with issues outside of your control? It happens to everyone. Learn to communicate positive messages to help keep your customers happy! Your team will learn how to never say “No!” Plus, have an in-depth understanding of customer perceptions and keeping the fantasy alive, for example.

Why deliver the basics when you can think outside the box and impress your customers by being proactive with their needs? Learn to be one step ahead of the game!

We have to be able to manage incoming requests from our customers effectively. Learn to use the 7-step IMPRESS™ process to resolve and delight.

Sometimes the planet doesn’t work in our favour, and we have to adjust our service delivery to accommodate new social norms. In this module, we talk about maintaining the same high level of services that our customers expect, but with a new approach to making them feel comfortable and safe!

Asking for and using a customer’s name is essential. We will review everything you need to know plus some tips for those hard-to-remember names!

It is not just about what you say but how you say it. Review the right tone and service attitude in addition to how to maintain it in all situations.

Not everyone is the same! Learn more about different generations and how we should adjust our service to accommodate their needs and ways of thinking.

Do you have to provide service online, through apps, social media, video chat, text messaging or email? There are some critical components to think about when providing customer service through virtual communication.

Read more about virtual customer service training >

Service only works when people can understand it. Learn to keep your language professional and straightforward to maintain a level of refinement.

Sometimes you have to go above and beyond to leave a lasting impression. We will teach you how to stand out from the competition without breaking the bank.

100% Designed for you!

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Good things in life do come for free! Our customer service training programs are made to fit your needs.We don’t sell boxed programs to the masses. Tell us your needs, wants and wishes and we will design a course that pops!

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Deliver your Customer Service Training the way it works for you!

Web, in-person, recorded, hybrid, Bootcamp, or all of the above? Choose the training delivery option that fits your team and goals.

Customer Service Training

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