How we make a Custom Training Program!

Training is better when made fresh.
Custom Training

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Custom Training Programs

All of our training programs are 100% custom to your needs.

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Service to Sensitivity
Online to In-Person
1-time to Ongoing
Individuals to Group

We have all the tools to make your custom training program rise to the top.

Have you ever made cupcakes from a box? The resulting taste is okay, at best. Those boxed cupcakes are never as good as those homemade cupcakes that mama used to make, right? Choosing a training company is the same. If you pay for a company to deliver a boxed, pre-set training program, it will work about the same as those boxed cupcakes. It might “kinda” work but will leave you hungry for more.



Unlike a genie, we grant an unlimited number of wishes!

Once you have decided to partner with us, we will schedule a discovery meeting. During the call, we will discuss your brand standards, operating procedures, and goals to incorporate these components into the custom training program. Ready to speak with an expert trainer?



Design something delightful!

During the discovery call, your trainer will discuss your requirements and recommend the content modules that best address your needs. Just give us your wish list, and we will do the rest! It’s that easy!

Wondering what type of custom training program content we can create for you and your team?
LGBT Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity & Communications

Customer Service Training

Customer Service, Hotels & Reservations


Leadership & Coaching

Oculus Trainer- JObs




Feel confident!

You always get to have the final word. You always get to have the final word. Once we understand your needs after our discovery period, we will send a syllabus for your final approval. This is your opportunity to adjust the training before the final content is used to design the event presentation.


Let's Start Cooking! Thinking! Designing! Creating! Changing!

Design something delightful!

Who says training can’t be pretty? Now the fun begins, at least for us here at Oculus. We will create all the elements you need for a successful custom training program. Our professional designers work tirelessly to craft a presentation with flair and pizzazz! We strive to prepare engaging, conversational, and entertaining training. No boring PowerPoints here!
Unlike the competition, custom design is included in all Oculus custom training programs!
Oculus Cooking Up
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1000's of pre-training to choose from!
We build your program using thousands of pre-existing topic shells, or we will create new content. Don't worry! New content is included for free.
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Our programs are based on statistical data and research.
We don't just create our own facts! Our custom training programs are always backed by studies, statistics, and supporting laws.
About Oculus In Space


Our training is engaging and interactive.
We use scenario-based learning techniques to get your team thinking. Examples represent your workplace to help your team apply new skills.
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Dodo designed

Our programs are easy to understand.
Do you like academic terminology and complicated formulas? ZZZZZ. We utilize familiar words and easy-to-understand resources!

Keep them Engaged!

Keeping your learners engaged and excited throughout a training session is difficult!  That is why we will infuse your custom training program with our most popular engagement techniques, including:

Scenario example


Design something delightful!

Web, in-person, recorded, hybrid, Bootcamp, or all of the above? Pick the facilitation method that works best for your team and budget!

Coaching Calls
Sensitivity Training

Live & Trainer-led

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From: 522.00$ or subscribe and save up to 20%

Webinars are a quick and easy way to get started with a custom training.

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From: Original price was: 2,888.00$.Current price is: 2,588.00$. or subscribe and save up to 5%

Want to go big? Our in-person training events can bring your content to life.


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Pricing From 3,888.00$

Need training that lasts? Choose a custom, TV-quality production training video.

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One training is great, but consistently exercising your brain will develop your training muscles!

Change takes time. It can be disappointing, but providing one-time training doesn’t always facilitate instant change. Change is complex and may require constant effort. Drip and follow-up training are great ways to reinforce your custom content over time to create new habits that will stick naturally.

Add follow-up options to help facilitate change over time.

Speak with the expert! Schedule a meeting with the author.

Kevin James Saunders is a senior trainer with 20+ years of experience and has conducted thousands of sessions.