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Mastering the check-in at the Scandinave Spa

A custom training video by Oculus.


About this course

It’s critical that our guests feel welcomed, well-informed and have a sense of loyalty when they visit us at the spa. That is our goal and through this training you will learn the standard operating procedure that have approved and crafted just for you.

This course has been designed by Oculus but the standards have be approved by the spa.

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Kevin James
Kevin James
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What I will learn?

  • How to check in a guest.
  • How to ask qualifying question to ensure the best spa experience.
  • How to make a personal connection in a respectful manner.
  • Plus much more!

Course Curriculum

When customers arrive at the Scandinave Spa, it's essential to welcome them warmly. Let's review the best practices for inviting customers into the spa.

  • Acknowledgement
  • Actions
  • Words

We have to ask the right questions to ensure a successful spa experience. Let's learn more!

Personal Connection
We have linked the personal connection step videos from the information calls/reservation calls at the spa. Even though we might reference the phone in the upcoming videos, you can apply similar concepts when speaking with the guest face-to-face.

Be sure to give our guests the information they need to have an amazing experience. Brag a little!

Encourage An Upsell
We are a business, so "mild" upselling should be a part of every interaction with our customers. Check out this module.

Seek A Yes
Ask for the business by taking payment and confirming all of the details.

Support & Show Gratitude
Finish up the check-in experience with some feel-good fluff!

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Need some help mastering the check-in at the Scandinave Spa