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Provide your team with advanced skills to handle conflict and turn complaints into loyalty-generating opportunities.

Dealing with customer complaints takes work, even for the most experienced team member.

“Why is this person attacking me?”
“What’s the right thing to say to defuse this situation?”
“Should I send this complaint to the manager?”
“How can I say no without making the customer more infuriated?”
“How much and when should I compensate?”

These are questions that most of us think of, and imagine what happens when the customer is abusive or crossing decency lines! In summary, dealing with complaints is challenging!

Proactive organizations provide their team with ongoing and expert conflict resolution training to ensure they can address uncomfortable situations, feel confident, and have the appropriate knowledge to act.

There are many things to look for within a great conflict resolution training program. At Oculus, coaching on dealing with difficult situations is one of our specialties! We have broken our conflict resolution training into three main sections.


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Course Syllabus


Before digging into how we will fix problems, we must address emotions and acknowledge negative experiences. Your conflict resolution training should provide precise steps on how to de-escalate.

How we handle the start of a complaint can dictate how it will end. We focus on the proper ways to receive customer complaints and how to make the customer feel important and heard. Within the Oculus IMPRESS Conflict Resolution Training, we discuss de-escalation techniques like:

  1. How to think about complaints and what they mean to the success of your business.
  2. How to invite individuals to complain and acknowledge their issues.
  3. How to make a connection and “humanize” yourself.
  4. How to react and empathize with experiences.
  5. How to reassure the customer that you are on their side and promise to resolve their concerns.

A part of the de-escalation process is having a clear understanding of what has happened. We call this step “Measure The Need.”

  1. Why listening is essential.
  2. How to demonstrate that you are focused on all details they are providing.
  3. How to use probing questions to move individuals from emotional to factual.
  4. How to avoid sounding like you are accusing or shifting blame. 

Our conflict resolution training also focuses on strengthening relationships and showing humanity during difficult situations. We call this “Personal Connection.”

  1. The anatomy of an apology.
  2. The power of taking accountability when we have made a mistake.
  3. Empathy and genuine consideration are powerful when dealing with issues outside of our control.
  4. What we can say to turn an apology into an insult.

Finally, we frame part one of the conflict resolution training by reviewing the following:

  1. Why de-escalation should be done before attempting to provide solutions.
  2. Stay confident, maintain your “power,” and avoid sending issues to the manager.
Part 2


Within every conflict resolution training program, the content should address how issues can be resolved. Our training is no different. However, we provide your learners with additional tools to facilitate a smoother resolution process and create happier customers.

The first step begins with “Revealing Solutions.” In this section, we speak on:

  1. Why “No” shouldn’t be a part of our vocabulary.
  2. Leading with the positive when presenting solutions.
  3. Why alternatives and creative thinking can be your best friend.
  4. Why asking customers what they want may not set you up for success.

Secondly, our conflict resolution training shows your learners how to summarize and take action.

  1. How to set realistic expectations.
  2. Why you should get an agreement on how to proceed.
  3. What to do should your customer disagrees with your proposed plan.
  4. Why a follow-up plan or action can guarantee success.
Part 3


When dealing with a complaint, we should strive to end positively. Our conflict resolution training provides tools to help your learners turn every negative experience into a positive, loyalty-building one.

We will review

  1. Ideas on how to approach follow-up.
  2. What should you do if the issue has not been resolved?
  3. The importance of verbal gratitude.
  4. What is compensation, and when is it appropriate?
  5. Showing appreciation through gestures.

Companion Courses

Add advanced skills to your conflict reservations training and see your profits soar!



Our conflict resolution training also has a companion course called Action-Reaction which focuses on when the compensate and how much.

In this conflict resolution discussion course, we will review:

- How to classify complaints into reaction levels.
- How to formalize compensation to ensure consistent actions amongst all team members within any department.


Dealing with Abusive Customers

Dealing with a complaining customer is different from dealing with an abusive customer. This course will help!

This companion conflict resolution training will review:

- How to determine if a customer is crossing the line.
- How to stay safe.
- Maintaining dignity while establishing that a specific behavior or action is unacceptable.
- How to respectfully provide a warning that service may not be provided.
- When to end a conversation and walk away from the situation.

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Like all of our courses here at Oculus, our conflict resolution training is 100% customized. You can use a part, or all, of our research-based structure and make changes to ensure it fits with your organization. We can also design a whole new training technique, just for you. Discovery and design are free and included in all of our courses.

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Conflict Resolution Training

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