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Be in it to win it with excellent casino training.

Make every customer experience a winning one!

Every guest that steps inside your casino, or stays in your hotel, is about to enjoy the entertainment and the thrilling ambiance that can only be experienced at your location. What if you could help them genuinely experience everything you have to offer? Ideally, you want to make their visit memorable, and you also want to increase your revenue. Let us show you how to IMPRESS™ your guests from the gaming floor to in-room dining. You will be taking all of their experiences from good to great.

Who doesn’t like the thrill and excitement of gaming? But the flashy lights, fancy cocktails and entertainment aren’t the only things your customers are coming for. Service is vital in a casino environment. You want to make all visits memorable, which will ultimately increase revenue. Oculus’s casino training will help your team IMPRESS™ your guests from the gaming floor to in-room dining.

Using the IMPRESS™ The Guest experience program for casinos, your guests will experience how your casino is different. Our casino training will promote change within your casino employees as they learn to be more innovative in their service delivery.


Live & Custom


+ 14.00$ / per learner

  • 100% Custom
  • Live & Trainer-Led
  • Syllabus Approval
  • Flexible Scheduling

Create a winning team by ensuring they have the winning skills! 


Personal Connection

Showing that you genuinely care is everything. The ability to personally connect with your casino customers and develop loyalty. We also will teach your team how to deal with conflict and/or disappointment during a guest stay.


Proactive Thinking

Your team can’t walk around like robots! Our proactive thinking modules can teach your team to quickly uncover guest needs and wants.


General Sales & Upselling

A general understanding of the customer’s “buying brain” and how to maximize sales through recommendations and upselling.


Service Basics

General professionalism and customer service standards are essential within a casino environment. Our casino training will review the basics of service.

We know that your team operates 24/7, so our casino training can be scheduled for all shifts!

We recommend splitting large teams into smaller groups. Smaller training sessions means we can focus on getting all team members involved in the session. From our experience, smaller groups have a great success and return on your casino training investment! Of course, the choice is always yours.

Your casino is unique and has its own needs. Why would you choose a casino training that has been designed for the masses? If all casinos do the same thing, that becomes the standard. Boxed training programs just keep you current. They do not give you the edge you need to compete. Nor do they take into account your specific needs. A custom program can include the standards and techniques to stand out.

100% Designed for you!

Custom Made

You run an adult Disneyland, so things work a little differently! We get that. That is why all of our casino training is completely customized to fit with your needs. By the way, you win here because it’s free!

Custom Training

Deliver your Casino Training the way it works for you!

Web, in-person, recorded, hybrid, Bootcamp, or all of the above? Choose the training delivery option that fits your team and goals.


Recorded Videos
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Casino Training

Money doesn't grow on trees! We have to earn it with the best casino training! Let's get started!