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Kevin James

16+ years with Oculus!

Kevin James Saunders is a senior training team member at Oculus Training Group, a boutique corporate learning company based in Vancouver, Canada.

After working for a large training firm, Kevin James felt he wasn’t having fun! The content he was required to deliver was like old stale bread, bland and unfulfilling. Since everything would remain the same with that employer, Kevin James decided to make a change. So, in 2007, in joined the Oculus team.

Although he has been known to tell a joke or two…or three, he is not just about fun! He filled his head with scholarly tidbits from the College Saint-Charles-Garnier, Memorial University, and the University of Quebec. If that wasn’t enough, he continued to grow his brain by completing his Master’s Degree in the UK.

Kevin James knew that your book smarts only benefit you when put into practice! That is why he gained practical work experience in Human Resources, Marketing, Hotel Sales, and Operations. Nifty!

He has conducted and helped design thousands of training sessions throughout his career for some of the biggest brands around the globe.

KJ currently resides in Sevilla, Spain, when he is not out traveling around the world. If you can pin him down, tell us how that happens! He never shows up for dinner!

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