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Automotive training that helps stop your customers from driving away!

We understand there is more to selling a car than just the sale!

Car dealerships spend millions of marketing dollars, encouraging customers to visit their dealerships. But what happens when those customers arrive? Is your dealership providing the service and sales experience as marketed? Through ongoing interactive training sessions, your team will learn advanced selling and service skills to maintain loyal customers and generate new leads.

Our automotive training programs can help your dealership sell more cars and develop long-lasting customer relationships. Even with high staff turnover, we can help reduce your training costs, ensure consistent service delivery and train the new-hires to sell cars more quickly and with confidence! Unlike other training companies, our programs are developed and customized with your specific dealership in mind. We determine your dealership’s needs through a comprehensive location assessment.

Through a comprehensive location assessment, we determine your dealership’s needs and incorporate these factors into our instructional design. We understand there is more to selling a car than just a sales process, and every dealership is different.


Live & Custom


+ 14.00$ / per learner

  • 100% Custom
  • Live & Trainer-Led
  • Syllabus Approval
  • Flexible Scheduling
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Your dealers will walk out of training with some new sales and service skills.



We can’t act like robots in a service setting. We will review techniques to both genuinely and personally connect with your customers to develop loyalty and trust.​



This is not a drive-through window! Our session will provide a complete understanding of the follow-up process including lead tracking tools and tips.


Selling Skills

Competition can be fierce! We will provide advanced, 5-star selling skills to use during a customer interaction to showcase professionalism and exceptional customer service.



Dealing with customers can be scary! Especially if they aren’t acting friendly. We will provide some advanced tips to heighten confidence which will help overcome buyer resistance!

Yes, we do! Our instructional design team can customize a training for all of your team members in every department. Within a couple of weeks, we can be ready!

Of course! We can help provide coaching advice to your team by providing them with mystery audits to evaluate how they are implementing their newly trained skills.

Yes! Our automotive training can take place anywhere you need it to. We can offer live training at your dealership location

No problem at all! We welcome your brand standards. We will incorporate any manufacturers’ branding or standard operating procedure requirements. We will build an automotive training program that works perfectly.

100% Designed for you!

Custom Made

We know it’s a sales technique to include something for free, but we are doing it anyway! We will customize your automotive training program free of charge. How about that for feature-selling? BOOM

Custom Training

Deliver your Automotive Training the way it works for you!

Web, in-person, recorded, hybrid, Bootcamp, or all of the above? Choose the training delivery option that fits your team and goals.


Recorded Videos
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Automotive Training

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