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Let’s face it! Most companies think they are fantastic and every customer should choose their services. We feel the same about our services here at Oculus. Our clients are the best at their work, so we must keep up with their high standards.

We asked some learners to rate their Oculus training experience out of 5!

Here is what they reported back.

Learners who rated Oculus training 5/5.
5/5 81.25%
Learners who rated Oculus training 4/5 or above.
4/5 or above 100%

Independent survey conducted by an Oculus client.

What did you like about the training?

Learner comments.
We are the best, but you don't have to take our word for it!

"The training with Oculus had the best engagement levels compared with any other trainings we have had in the past."


As a portrait photography company that works with college seniors all across the country, our clients represent perhaps the most diverse client set in the world.  Universities, contract with us to create excellent portraits of their students where they look good, relaxed and engaged.  They also expect and deserve to have us create these portraits in a way that makes the students always comfortable.  And while we have always strived to deliver this to our customers, sometimes, in spite of the substantial efforts we put forth forth, we fell short.  That is when we reached out to Oculus.

Oculus has been an amazing resource for us and a real partner in helping us increase awareness and sensitivity in our organization.  They created a training program specifically around our needs and helped us to understand better and more successful ways to communicate with our customers. 

They taught us to discard the “Golden Rule” for the “Platinum Rule”, Treat others as they want to be treated.  They helped us change our mindset. We used to assume that as long as we didn’t intend to offend anyone , that was OK. Our new mindset is to make sure we are consciously aware of the ways to treat people how they want to be treated. As a result of all of this, our customers are happier ! We are a better organization, and one that  I am very proud of.

Paul Bilgore

Lauren Studios

Let the numbers do the talking!

Audit Calls

Choosing a training company can be complex. We recommend you follow the numbers to help make a decision. We partnered with a group of six client locations over ten years and evaluated their sales and service performance over 6000 times.


more personal connections!

such as using their name, finding commonalities, or making personal recommendations.


more revenue!

In year 10, the test group sold higher-priced options and packages on 100% of the audit calls.


more confidence!

The test group attempted to overcome resistance 94% of the time in year ten compared to only 35% in year one.

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Did we mention that we are awarding-winning?

Oculus won a Lenny award for best customer service training.

We bring your training content to life!

Here are some additional testimonials from our partners who agree!

The strategic relationship really paid off for us!

We have seen Oculus grow and evolve over the years and expand their offerings. The strategic relationship really paid off for us in better-trained staff, higher guest satisfaction, employee retention and most important growth to the bottom line. One of the major advantages of working with Oculus Training is that it is a highly adaptable company.

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Gracias from the border city!

Our Oculus training is always fun, engaging and very effective. Our whole team enjoys the training sessions and as soon as our trainer, Kevin James leaves – we can’t wait to have him back to teach us more about five star service. OCULUS has been the right tool to take our customer service skills to the next level.

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"Due to training our Tripadvisor.com ratings have greatly increased with over 90% being rated as either excellent or very good"

Shawna, Beach Club Resort

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