About Us- Training Wars

A long time ago, in a land not so far away, one man worked for a training empire called Legendary Worldwide but thought that things could be different. He approached the overlords of the empire but was shot down and told that things would not and could not change.

Being a rebel, this man went solo out into the universe and starting training alternative techniques, adding new technologies so that training could be available to anyone at any time.

Pursued by the empire, the man brought other rebels into his fight, and his band of training fighters began to grow. And so the never-ending battle continues….

About Oculus In Space
Now for the serious story…

About Oculus

But in all seriousness, our real story began in 2008, with our founder, who worked for a large US-based training company. He found research showing that training programs should be fun, fluid and based on geographic, cultural and economic factors. After his employer rejected his ideas, he formed Oculus Training. The word “Oculus” is Latin for “the eye,” with meanings of focus, looking into the future and being mindful. That describes us perfectly! Today, Oculus is a leader in customer service and sensitivity training, working with some of the world’s most prominent brands and companies. We continue to grow and remain passionate about providing the most effective training using cutting-edge techniques to make change easy for you!

Need epic training?

We are just full of passion! That’s why you should choose us.

We don’t just like what we do, learning is our passion! We have spent our lives helping people learn and grow

Titles are so 1980’s!

Yes! We got rid of titles within the organization! Everyone at Oculus can help with your inquiry and has the power to make things right. We don’t need a manager with a big title to take action. That is why we eliminated titles.

Our Happy Promise

Our happy promise guarantees we will be respectful with our words and have a cheerful attitude, anytime you need to talk to us. (Well, unless you are a bully. We don’t like those.) So, if you aren’t happy, tell us!

Training without limits

We hate limits and we are sure you do also! That is why we don’t charge installation , design, or cancellation fees. You have access to all service, sensitivity plus custom training and you can trade your services for other services. Can our competition say the same? We think not- actually, we know they can’t!

Small but Mighty

At Oculus, we don’t believe in selling the same services to the masses to create great profits for us but no edge for our clients. That is why we customize all of our programs to make them unique for each client, and restrict regions to avoid saturation. Training doesn’t work if all of your competitors are doing the same thing.

More about Oculus!

We love everyone!
We strive to be welcoming and inclusive.

We want to expose our clients to the wonder, which is humanity! That’s what they like about Oculus and why they choose us

Inclusive Language

He went to his office.
She went to her office.
Sam went to Sam’s office.
We use inclusive and respectful language!


The Diversity DJ helps us introduce cultures from around the world through our classroom music playlist. The Diversity DJ looks to include music from all eras, tastes, cultures, genders, and showcase artists that fall into minority groups.

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Trusted all around the world since 2008!

One thing about Oculus is we don’t just like what we do, learning is our passion! We have spent our lives helping people learn and grow! That’s why some of the best companies around the globe trust us with their training.

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We make dealing with us easy!

Service One Team

Another thing you will love about Oculus is how easy we make things. You only have to communicate with one or two people for accounting, training, mystery shopping, design, contracting, travel or shoe-shining! Don’t waste time going around in circles. Explain yourself to one person, and they take action.

(We don’t really do shoe-shining!)

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Did you get an unsolicited email?

Beware! Did you receive an email offering you a job? It might be fraudulent. We are honest folk, but not everyone out there is! Read more about Oculus and phishing scams