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Our clients request specific scenarios. We want to see how you do with the following SCENARIO 1: You are calling a hotel and you want to get the cheapest price possible. The scenario is telling you to be pushy and not that friendly. Call the first number and start the call. Scenario 2: You are looking to buy a car for your mother and you have been searching online.
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A discovery call is how we hear about your needs. Here at Oculus, we focus on custom training. Boxed training doesn’t work, especially with sensitivity and customer service content.

Our experts will ask questions to understand your needs during a discovery call. Once we know what you require, we will design a program that is guaranteed to fit your needs. How amazing is that?

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Yes! Should you have specific times in mind, you can book your coaching calls using the book meeting feature above. Alternatively, the best way to schedule your coaching calls would be to contact your account manager. By sending your team’s schedule, they will confirm a custom schedule for multiple calls during the month.

Of course! We want you to make the best decision regarding your training and mystery shopping provider. That is why you will never speak with a salesperson. You get to talk directly with our professional training team using the book meeting feature above. One of our talented trainers would love to speak with you and explain how we create our custom training programs and mystery shopping services.

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