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Corporate Training by Oculus
Corporate Training by Oculus Training

Like a good suit, training fits better when it's made for you!

Oculus Training is an industry leader in custom training. Our award-winning service, communication, and sensitivity programs are recognized around the globe.

With Oculus, you have complete control over the training process. Our expert trainers work alongside you to develop the best corporate training programs that are completely bespoke. Our training covers your specific requirements and concentrates on achieving your desired outcomes. The best part is that you have the final say in every stage of the process, right from the planning phase to the training delivery. In summary, we make change easy!

Corporate training refers to developing a set of objectives that enhance your team members’ skills, knowledge, and abilities! At Oculus Training, we call this “business evolution planning.” Many areas can be covered in training programs. For example, we cover topics like customer service, sensitivity, conflict, intercultural communication training, and more.

What is the function of corporate training?
Training provides your team with the necessary tools, resources, and education to improve their job performance, productivity, and overall effectiveness in the workplace.  

What do corporate trainers do?
Corporate trainers are professionals responsible for developing and delivering training programs. Businesses sometimes work with external vendors to access skilled and specialized trainers with expertise in employee development and adult education.

How do you create a corporate training strategy?
There are many types of corporate training programs, so choosing a company that fits your needs and can deliver is best. For example, at Oculus Training, we customize our courses through discovery calls with various stakeholders. Once we clearly understand the goals, we will present a custom training plan and, upon approval, design the content. Our plans can include live training or even a blended learning approach.

What is blended learning?
Blended learning is a mix of self-paced, online, and in-person training methods

Our popular types of corporate training courses

Sensitivity Training at Oculus Training

Sensitivity, Diversity & Culture

Learn to be open to change, listen to others and teach people about you!

sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment

Create a safe, equal, and merit-based environment for all people.


Anti-Bullying & Harassment

Set the expectation that intimidation, embarrassment and exclusion are not tolerated.

Customer Service Training at Oculus

Customer Service

Leave a lasting impression to keep customers loyal with an Oculus Training award-winning program.

hotel & hospitality training

Hospitality, Hotels & Resorts

Encourage your team to exceed customer expectations from the moment they arrive until check-out!

Reservations Training at Oculus Training

Reservation Sales

Increase your revenue, promote your services, and establish relationships in just one call!

Communications Skills Training

Respectful Engagement & Communications

How, when, and where you choose to communicate matters.

Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict Resolution

Don’t let conflict destroy a relationship. Be confident to approach difficult situations.

Ongoing Training

Leadership & Coaching

Develop your leadership team with the skills to build, coach and motivate your team.

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Should you buy a corporate training program that “kinda” works? No matter your industry, we have an option that will fit perfectly. We 100% customize our training, and changes are always free.

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Dodo Designed

Dodo design means your content is easy to digest for your learners and presented in a simple, enjoyable manner.

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Core Values

You choose the objectives and messaging that align with your core values. Our goal is to design workplace training that fosters a safe, inclusive, and legally compliant atmosphere for everyone.

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We are inclusive

We use people-first & gender-neutral language. We also promote openness and employ a diverse team.

Repeat & Reinforce

We have year long packages to provide ongoing training or drip "micro" training that are easier to digest over time.

Our content is guaranteed to fit.

Since we design it just for you!

Webinar at Oculus Training

Expert-Led Sessions

Live Training

Anytime. Anywhere. Anyone! Need training that is interactive, educational, and entertaining? Oculus trainer-led sessions are the best! We have individual and group training sessions led live by a subject-matter expert.


Normally $498




Our virtual classrooms make online training easy. Our affordable webinars are custom-designed to fit your content needs and timeline.


Normally $2888




Like traditional, hands-on learning? Our intensive, in-person corporate training will bring your content to life in a focused setting.


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Our one-on-one coaching calls provide additional training for those team members needing extra support.

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Custom videos that deliver the message YOU want.

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per script.

Why pay for boxed learning when custom videos are more targeted, cost-effective and made for you? Allow your learners to train 24/7 from anywhere, using any device.

Mystery Shopping

Support Service that help you grow!

Increase revenues, coach team members, elevate the customer experience, and get a competitive edge!

Make smart business decisions using real data! Our real-time virtual and telephone mystery shopping can help you make the best decisions that will positively impact your business and bottom line.

Telephone Mystery Shopping

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